Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 Bounces Into European Stores

Microsoft announced that Team Ninja's graphical masterpiece, Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 for the Xbox 360, will be available in European retail from Friday 8th December.

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MicroGamer4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

I can appreciate the female form as much as any male, but what Tecmo has done this time around with the girls breasts makes me think that nobody there has ever actually seen a bikini clad woman in motion before. Breasts move in unison. They don't bounce around individually or in the weird ways they are making them move this time. Those guys need to spend less time bringing their female fantasies to life on a computer and more time going out and experiencing real women. I can't believe Itigaki delayed work on the next Ninja Gaiden game for this, but in light of the sexual harassment suit against him, maybe it's not so surprising.

Capt CHAOS4337d ago

I've managed to make them bounce out of synch..

More pervy comments to follow...

MicroGamer4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

I'm sure most of us have under the right circumstances, but just walking and running and jumping doesn't cause them to twitch and roll in the ways they are depicting them in this game. I buy the fighting games, because at least have a legitimate game purpose. The volleyball games are just thinly disguised pr0n.

PS360PCROCKS4337d ago

haha "bounces" into stores, good headline really moronic game, I wouldn't even waste my time with a free demo if I had a chance

zonetrooper54337d ago

My friend for some reason is gonna get this game for the Xbox 360 even though keep on telling him it will be crap, still he played gears of war and found it crap. what the hell is wrong with him?

MicroGamer4337d ago

he doesn't deserve to be in the presence of the greatness that is 360.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4336d ago

Bring on the ladies! Come-on guys/gals you know that you want this game, don't play coy.