The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Starts Tomorrow on PS4

Hello, PS4 Players With the worldwide console launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on June 9th just a little over six weeks away, tomorrow we’re kicking off the pre-launch festivities with the console beta. This is a limited public beta — it will be our one beta before launch, and you must receive an invite to participate. Prepare to explore the vast expanses of Tamriel with your friends, game-subscription-free, for the first time on PS4.

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DragonKnight1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

You mean that pay to pay to win. You have to buy the game in order to pay to win.

maybelovehate1400d ago

On consoles it will be free to play.

DragonKnight1400d ago

No it's not. You have to buy the game, there's just no subscription.

Anthotis1400d ago

Yep. $100 dollars for a failed MMO that will be shutdown in a year.

UKmilitia1400d ago

i never even knew there was a sign up process .
kept that well secret.

BallsEye1400d ago ShowReplies(1)
Christopher1400d ago

Pay to advance faster is not pay to win... Am I missing something?

DragonKnight1400d ago

Yep. You're missing the part where people don't pay to advance faster won't keep up with those who do. Also missing the part where there will be equipment and items for purchase via a cash store in the future.

joab7771400d ago

It's a bad idea. Everyone who plays these games for free, like DCUO, will eventually sub of they play for more Tha a week or 2. Ya just will.

Now, I have NO problem paying a sub like all b/c the content is worth it...easily. My problem is offering a sub for a paid game, and then on top of it offering microtransactions.

I played DCUO for 4 months and FF14 for 4 months and spent 10x more on DC.

Christopher1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

@DragonKnight: There's a cap to what you can achieve in the game, so paying to advance faster isn't an issue. It's not "winning" it's just speeding up the process. That's not Pay2Win. And getting more skill points to open up new class options on a single character isn't breaking the game. Just allowing you more weapon options that truly aren't even necessary to play the game.

Also, the equipment they will sell is, to my understanding, cosmetic and not like them selling epic weapons from EQ/EQ2 in the store. Kind of like how they sell cosmetic mounts.

Something tells me that the people complaining don't know that this is how almost every other F2P MMO out there works...

@joab777: Sounds like an issue with money management, not a fault of the game itself. I've played DCUO for free and with a sub. I never spent more than $13 a month on the game and when I played it for free I never spent any money at all.

Maxor1400d ago

There is absolutely nothing pay to win about this game. ESO use the Destiny model of buy to play. The only difference is the content in ESO absolutely crushes Destiny.

pkb791399d ago

dragon warrior on the NES crushes destiny in content.

C4rnos1399d ago

I must be missing something here, the only things you can buy using "crowns" are cosmetic items.. are you sure you're talking about ESO?

Christopher1399d ago

Yeah, I think people are freaking out over nothing here. This is typical F2P stuff here. XP potions to level a little faster and cosmetic weapon skins.

SWTOR, Rift, Neverwinter, Age of Conan, and most other F2P MMOs do this and have for years.

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alex1015941400d ago

My PS4 had to mess up 3 days ago :/

alex1015941400d ago

Also I heard for Xbox one and PS4 it'll be free to play, is it true?

wakeNbake1400d ago

After initial 65$ fee yeah.

alex1015941400d ago

Thanks, I'll probably get this knowing that now. It'll be hard juggling this, dcuo, and all those amazing PS4 games coming out

Volkama1400d ago

Buy to play. You have to buy the game, but there is no subscription. There is a cash shop, and some future content will require purchase. There us an optional subscription plan that covers that content + a bit of cash shop currency and accelerated exp gain.

Same thing for the PC version. It transitioned away from subscription about a month ago.

iSuperSaiyanGod1400d ago

Never played or even looked into this after I heard the subscription . How close is this to skyrim? & will not paying really make a difference?

Volkama1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Depends what you liked about Skyrim. I played TESO quite a while ago and it had some pretty serious problems with it's phasing and social interactions. The phasing issues should be better now, and the social interactions were actually quite well suited to console play anyway.

I think it does a good job of providing a world that you can just explore and do Elder Scrolls type things. They've layered more with their justice system and stuff too, but I haven't played with it yet.

sigfredod1400d ago

Is not F2P they remove the monthly suscription, at launch was $60 + sub, now is only $60

KarmaV121400d ago ShowReplies(3)
spence524901400d ago

Game has come a LONG way. Should be a hit on consoles. It is NOT pay to win btw.

Volkama1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I think it's going to surprise some people. It's better than FFXIV/DCUO/Neverwinter imo.

Being able to pay to get exp and such faster does make it pay to win in my books though.

Duke191400d ago

IMO "Pay to Win" applies more to things that cannot be accomplished over time. (Like powerful weapons that can only be bought, etc)

In WoW, I think you can purchase an "Instant Level 90" token - I wouldn't really consider that a pay to win model though.

I can see how some would say its unfair, but if anything I think the people that pay for the extra XP are missing out on the game honestly. I actually enjoy leveling (grinding) a new character or exploring new areas, rather than just maxing them out instantly for end game content.

Volkama1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I quite enjoy a levelling and progress grind. Killing 1000 mobs to achieve a level up or whatever can be fun.

But I find it less fun when there is a sign saying "you'd only need to kill 500 if you hand over £4.99". Technically that doesn't change the gameplay in killing 1000, but psychologically it changes things.

Whether that could be termed "pay to win" or just "s***" is of little consequence :)

pompombrum1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

It will all boil down to how open minded console gamers will be towards it. If they see the "Elder Scrolls" name attached to it and go in expecting an online version of Skyrim, they'll be bitterly disappointed.

On the other hand, if they go in with an open minded, they'll find some great RPG fun to be had with one of the best skill progression systems I've seen in an MMO.

thorstein1400d ago

Is it like battlefield where you buy upgrades or is it consumables that you buy (eg a stat booster etc.)

Alexander1Nevermind1399d ago

@ Volkama

IMO FFXIV is better than ESO (although both games have their strong points). Again that's just my opinion. What I hated about ESO were the farming bots. It was so out of hand, it just ruined the game for me. I said I would wait until the console release to try it again. Its definitely worth the 60 usd purchase. For the record having played them all I would rank the games 1- FFXIV, 2- ESO, 3- DCUO, 4- Neverwinter (I thought NW was a decent game for the record).

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