Total War: Warhammer Announcement Cinematic Trailer

Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical power take their place on the battlefield, alongside thousands of warriors clashing in real-time tactical battles. All at YOUR command.

In the turn-based campaign game of statecraft & empire building, you will find the Old World an unforgiving and treacherous place, filled with endless war and cunning alliances alike. Whichever race you choose to play as and however you seek conquest, you will be faced with a conflict that threatens to tear the very fabric of reality asunder.

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Mankey2842d ago

Please CA, take all the time you need NOT to put out a buggy game.

mafiahajeri2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Oh snaaaaaaaaaap shit just got real, love warhammer time of legends I hate 40k.

The skaven and Nagash better be in this! And don't forget Malekith!

Saryk2841d ago

Good bye kids, life and wife, it was nice knowing you!

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