ZTGD | Omega Quintet Review

Jae Lee writes: My history with IF/Compa games like the Neptunia series is well documented at this point.

As the little niche JRPG developer kept pumping out titles, I’ve played through most of them seeing their progress and sometimes, the lack there of, over the years.

With their recent releases on the Vita with the Neptunia Rebirth 2 and Hyperdevotion Noire, I feel they’ve begun hitting their stride to some degree, ironing out a lot of the technical issues that have plagued them in the past.

With their first foray into the PS4 as a platform, they still have a lot to prove and while their new IP showcases much they have learned from their mistakes, there’s still more to be done if they want to find their way to RPG greatness.

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