Tony Hawk confirms pro-skater 5: Legend Reborn or Obsolete Genre?

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Many youngsters who lived out their low-hanging jeans, skater boy, grunge phase can confirm Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater was one of the best games to hit the market on PlayStation 1.

"Now that Tony Hawk has confirmed the leaked footage, would this legendary series meet similar praise, or will the genre be deemed obsolete?"

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HanCilliers1980d ago

Really hope it's not an obsolete genre

HoldenZA1980d ago

Tony Hawks one of my favourite games as a kid and the franchise will therefor never be obsolete in my eyes

MrCherry1980d ago

I loved tony hawks games growing up, but im sory if its still the same game with big a$$ air you get from jummping, or grinding the roof of a house it will suck. The best game is SKATE, that game makes you feel goood when you are playing and when you bust out a kickflip it feels smooth and clean I hope thiy get help from blackbox to make it feel real.