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Tin Salamunic: Note: This review focuses specifically on the “upgraded” elements of the State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. While the article still takes the fundamental gameplay qualities in consideration, the score primarily reflects developer Undead Labs’ additions and refinements to the base game. You can read our original State of Decay Xbox 360 review here.

When I reviewed the original State of Decay back in 2013, I praised it for its immersive world, creative gameplay mechanics and tremendous replay value. Despite the horrendous performance, State of Decay’s superb RPG elements overshadowed the technical shortcomings. While the PC port was a “slight” improvement, the announcement of a true next-gen HD update seemed like the developers were finally giving fans the definitive zombie sandbox experience. Sadly, State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is one of the sloppiest HD remakes to date. If you thought the Xbox 360 version ran poorly, you have yet to experience the brokenness that is the Year-One Survival Edition. As with the original release, the FPS drops make the game barely playable. It’s a mess, and a technical embarrassment.

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ScorpiusX1400d ago

Thank god for opinion not holding much sway and trust hands on reviews .

Ashby_JC1400d ago

If....a big IF this review is true thats a shame.

BUT...I played the 360 version and it wasnt as horrendous as this guy makes it out to be so im wondering if he is stretching a bit with the XB1 version.

The one thing to note is that not much has changed...that is a worry.

TheGameScouts1400d ago

As mentioned in my intro, I LOVE the original on Xbox 360. The performance here drops to single digits almost regularly once you reach more than couple of hours of gameplay. As a big State of Decay fan, this was incredibly disappointing.

Trekster_Gamer1400d ago

Review is way off, given just about every other review so far is giving 8.5 and 9s...