Huey's voice actor: MGSV TPP is 'graphically shocking', explores the dark history of Otacon's family

In an interview by Fragged Nation, co-hosted by KorruptRonin and YongYea, voice actor Christopher Randolph answered questions about his roles in the various Metal Gear games. He has done the voice for Otacon in MGS, 2 and 4, and Huey (Otacon's father) in Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain.

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DarkOcelet1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I am expecting this game to be banned in many countries. Damn, Otacon's/Huey VA with Hayter's Snake is gonna be weird though. Those two were awesome together.

I guess we wont see a badass handshake between Huey and Big Boss in this game eh?

"The last question was: Do you think love can bloom on a battlefield?

Christopher laughed and answered: “Yes I do. I think that love can bloom anywhere, as long as you’re looking for it. And then you just have to nurture it, and there it is.”"

That is an awesome question to ask. We need a cool tribute to Snake and Otacon.

Nyxus1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Huey and Big Boss have a different relationship than Otacon and Solid Snake, so probably no handshake between the two. :)

NecotheSergal1396d ago

I can't really imagine any kind of depth to their relationship even during PW really if I think about it.

He's a scientist who helped him understand and then make his own Metal Gear alongside Strangelove. He trusts him to a Fine degree, since Big Boss is innately skeptical and doubtful of everyone by nature.

The one he trusted the most was Miller and then Frank Jaeger as both his 'right hands' essentially.

Huey though, he's a scientist who's suspect of betraying him.... no strong camaraderie exists there for sure lol

Gatsu1396d ago

Great stuff :). It's awesome to hear these interviews before TPP release.

Nyxus1396d ago

Yeah, can't wait to see how it will all unfold.

TeamLeaptrade1396d ago

I agree. I gets me even more excited to play it. TPP can't come any sooner can it? haha!

Enigma_20991395d ago

...whooptie s***. Did you fre Kojima or not, Konami