MSI Claims That The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt & Batman: Arkham Knight Will Support DX12

MSI – best known for its motherboards and its graphics cards – has revealed that both The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman: Arkham Knight will support this new API from Microsoft.

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Alexious1397d ago

MSI doesn't know shit, CD Projekt already stated clearly that DX12 will not be supported initially.

Adexus1397d ago

Exactly, they said initially, doesn't mean they won't patch it later when W10 comes out or after, would be nice to see if they do put it in though!

MRMagoo1231397d ago

Come off it they can't just patch dx12 into the game like you seem to think they can it will be a couple years till we see games come using dx12 , I can't wait myself but I'm being realistic here. My pc is getting a nice upgrade soon so it's gonna be amazing when it hits.

Adexus1397d ago

The technology isn't even out yet so I won't say they can or can't, but patches are pretty crazy these days in terms with what they can do to games.

kraenk121397d ago

You can't just patch the game. You'd have to rewrite the whole engine to make use of DX12.

Genova841397d ago

Who's to say they're not writing for dx12? They could be. And since dx12 won't be out when the game launches, it can't support it initially. Cdpr said not to rule out dx12 in the future. Still this should be marked as a rumor.

deadpoolio3161396d ago

CD Project Red...They confirmed FOREVER ago the game wasn't written for DX12.....And YES the entire game would have to be re-written, nobody is going to release a game on PC using something that isn't available yet

Mrtemper1397d ago


They were porting games to DX12 at GDC(MS booth) and Fable legends has been ported as well.

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jairusmonillas1397d ago

I won't upgrade to W10 just because of DX12.

Hell, I'm still using Windows 7 64bit. I will eventually upgrade my OS when the times comes, just like I was sticking with XP until it was the right time to go Windows 7. Not only the first release of W10 will be buggy just like any new OS, it's not worth upgrading just for the sake of MINIMAL (ACTUAL) CHANGES.

Kurylo3d1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Actually i think DX12 is making some incredable changes like allowing less cpu overhead.. to the point that were talking a 50% boost in performance in some cases by allowing the cpu to not have to do so much. Its pretty huge... so pay $100 for a new operating system or pay $200-$600 for a new gpu. Your call. This aint the baby steps of dx10 or dx11 thats for sure.

Edvin19841397d ago

While I agree with you I have to say you should try out the evaluation of W10. I am currently running it on one of my rigs and have nothing but a great experience. I really doubt it will suffer from all the launch issues OS comes with, as it is really based of a W8 platform and feels more of a evolution of W7&8 than a new OS. I really am enjoying the beta right now.

Adexus1397d ago

Would you say it's actually worth upgrading from 8.1 to the beta?

KarmaV121397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Actually if he has Windows 7 or 8 he can upgrade for free. I think it's and amazing deal. So put that $100 towards a new GPU!

DarXyde1397d ago

I know they're allowing for a free upgrade from 7 (I was debating taking advantage of this), but I'm insanely skeptical and i'm wondering why they're pushing so hard for people to upgrade. Like I feel like there's a catch.

I should mention that I'm very mistrusting of what appear to be great deals from large companies. Every time I get a laptop, for example, I put a piece of tape over the camera and never use it.

I'm an odd one, I admit. I just don't trust what the government can do with that technology. I guess what I'm trying to say is Microsoft seems way too eager to push 10 on people. I don't even keep my phone in the same room when I'm talking to people about plans I'd rather not let the government know about.

Edvin19841397d ago

@Adexus I would wait until the upgrade is available then do it.

SouljAx3601397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

It would be nice is any dev could just patch it in there. I doubt it works like that though. Most likely DX12 has been known for a while by developers, maybe those games were already made with some DX12 features in mind and they will unlock those features once W10 is out. That's my guess on it anyway.
Almost forgot, there's the XBO as well. I'm sure Microsoft has been pushing that API for a while if it can do anything to help XBO performance for those games.

deadpoolio3161396d ago

No the game has to be written using DX12, they can't just patch it in...And nobody but MS would actually write PC games using DX12....Development for both games started forever ago