$990 Graphics Efficient Gaming PC Build Using AMD - April, 2015

GamersNexus: "We regularly emphasize that, by going with and AMD CPU and motherboard, you can utilize the savings to purchase a higher-end GPU rather than going with an Intel CPU and motherboard (for that, see our Battlefield Build we recently did). In the case of games which are not CPU-bound, this makes for an easy way to save money on building budget gaming computers."

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DonkeyDoner1400d ago

save money for r9 300 series i know its $500+ but its worth it

stragomccloud1400d ago

I can't wait... I've already started saving for a r9 390. I'm going to wait until factory overclocked versions start rolling out though. Should give me plenty of time to save for the new card. Then I'll ride the card out for as long as I can~

UltraNova1399d ago

I recon that it will comfortably carry you up to 2020 (1080/60fps at max settings at least) especially considering the fact that the new APIs DX12/Valkan should boost things a bit further this time around.

AudioEppa1400d ago

For $990 it better do more then play a damn game at 'omg ultra mix settings'

My Dell computer is old tho..

DragoonsScaleLegends1400d ago

I just have a r7 260x and i3 and I'm happy lol. But I might get a i5 in the future.

Khajiit861400d ago

My build is better than this for about the same exact price and its a lot more energy efficient than AMD.

stragomccloud1399d ago

I love AMD because of the performance you get for the price, but it's too bad they use so much power. Nvidia's maxwell is really efficient! I recently recommended a friend to get a 960 because to go with AMD, he would've had to have upgraded his PSU.

Reddzfoxx1400d ago

290X for $340?... Its $319 right now on Newegg and was just $279 not too long ago. $1000 goes a lot farther then this build for a great gaming rig.

ABizzel11399d ago

Agree you can get a lot more out of $1000 than this. The GPU is a great card for maxing games out, but it can be found cheaper and save you about $20+. The CPU in this build is a waste, go with the FX 6350 / 8330 for $20 - $30 more you get a much better CPU that's practically on par with AMDs best CPUs. GTA will still be hard to max at 60fps, but you'll easily be averaging 50 - 60 with those CPUs.

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