"Flagship Studios Selfish And Irresponsible"

HanbitSoft will take all necessary action to secure the Hellgate: London and Mythos intellectual property rights and calls Flagship Studios "selfish and irresponsible", according to a Korean interview.

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Polluted4724d ago

Flagship just got b*tch-slapped.

Alexander Roy4724d ago

"Selfish and irresponsible"? Sounds like little kids fighting over something.

Bolts4724d ago

Sounds like some serious kids backed by some very serious lawyers. Either way Flagship Studios just got owned and came out looking like jerks. It was Flagship that laid off all the employees while Hanbitsoft wanted to give them jobs.

Silogon4724d ago

Can I ask if this game was any good?

FantasyStar4724d ago (Edited 4724d ago )

It's basically Diablo 2 but in 3D with a twist of FPS action. The idea was great, but the actual gameplay and everything overall felt average and mediocre. That's my take on it 5 hours in. Flagship didn't really expand the idea, and strictly stuck by the Diablo 2 formula, which killed it for me. On newer hardware, you'd expect more features and eye-gasms, but not this game.

Tyrael4723d ago

I mean we are talking about the old D2 team here - just because Hellgate wasn't the greatest in the world doesn't mean they don't have the potential to crank out another big one.

dragunrising4723d ago

The founding members fired everyone to protect their own selfish interests.