Over 2500 GTA V user accounts have been hacked

Several users have reported their GTA V PC accounts being hacked into and even modified. They're even allegedly being sold for $15 per account. Rockstar has so far done next to nothing to help those affected.

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ctate19951401d ago

I'd be furious is my account was hacked into and then sold on another site... Hopefully Rockstar is able to come up with a swift resolution for the issue.

Antifan1401d ago

PC gamers just can't get a break.
A few bad apples spoil the bunch.

fallacious1401d ago ShowReplies(5)
OutcastMosquito1401d ago

@ cornholio

Are you kidding me? So you already forgot the shit that happened in 2011 with a lot of people's account info being stolen and PSN being taken down?

dirkdady1400d ago

What was taken on the psn hack were information that is publically available in the white pages like name phone address. No ssn or credit card info.
No psn accounts were compromised.

SunnyZ1401d ago

Where can we find this pastebin link so we can check if your accounts have been compromised?

And was it ACTUALLY a hack of their database?
Or were the accounts gathered up by phishing links?

ServerBOT1401d ago

This and cheaters is why i don't really play multiplayer games on pc, even co-op games like heist have cheaters.
I hope PS4 and XBOXONE don't get hacked this time around.

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