New Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer Shows Off The Story

Nintendo has released a new Japanese trailer today, this time showing off a large amount of story content behind the upcoming RPG.

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Metallox1404d ago

So according to Famitsu the story of the game is good and it's charged with cutscenes (a reason why the overall score of the game went down). This trailer also kinda demonstrates it.

But hey, some people were claiming the game would be a Monster Hunter clone. Completely the opposite, actually.

benji1011404d ago

Some people don't own a wii u.

NecotheSergal1404d ago

Some people on the internet lie about not being zombies.

N4g_null1404d ago

Ether way I'm interested. They have a ton to translate.

wonderfulmonkeyman1404d ago

You gotta hand it to them for creating World bosses and letting us use 4 player online parties to fight them, though.
Monster Hunter X Xenoblade doesn't sound like much of an insult with fights that epic to cooperate on.XD

Magicite1403d ago

This game looks like a pretty good looking PS3 game (on par with Uncharted 3 / God of War 3), but nowhere near exclusives what we have seen this gen.

Then again we all know, that visuals are the least important things in XCX. Its all about story, gameplay and overall quality and value.

Metallox1403d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X's visuals have nothing to do here. Thanks for your irrelevant reply.

MegaRay1403d ago

Kingdom Hearts and Tales of are my favorite franshise and I enjoy their cutscenes (and there's ton of them)

Dont know how cutscenes can be bad for an RPG but who knows, time will tell

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Big_Game_Hunters1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Tetsuya Takahashi going to deliver another god tier story, maybe beyond god tier *Ba Dum Tsss*

Kevlar0091404d ago

Where we're going we don't need Gods.

ValKilmer1404d ago

Does anybody know who the chick in the featured image is with the leather brasserie?

benji1011404d ago

That is Irina
All the Characters and Dolls that have been revealed are on this site

TheOtherVitaOwner1403d ago

That's actually not Irina, but a character that has justbeen introduced in this trailer and seems to be an enemy to Elma. Remember that Irina looks to and admires Elma so the chances of her turning against Elma are pretty slim.

AWBrawler1404d ago

I saw a Telethia, but then that begs the question: how do you fight them? The telethia can read the future and dodge everything. The only way to hurt them was to use the Monado's purge ability to seal their power then you could attack them, but this game has no monado. How will you be able to fight them?

Kevlar0091404d ago

I'm sure with the name "Xenoblade" in the title there's gonna be a mythical sword. With the survivors, the enemy aliens, and whatever else is found they will by vying for a weapon with the power to change the Universe.

AWBrawler1404d ago

Also its hinted at that Mira, the world in this game, is the world Alvis and Shulk made at the end of Xenoblade. Notice there are no Titans at the end of the game at all, and they've already shown that Noppons and Telethia are in this game, but Telethia are High Entia that have been exposed to concentrated Ether, right? So if there's Telethia, there are High Entia. Therefore, I believe the planet Mira that the earthlings fled to is in fact Shulk's world from the end of Xenoblade Chronicles. All thats missing is a few Machina people.

_-EDMIX-_1404d ago

Game is looking like a really good looking PS2 game.

Not a bad thing though, I'm getting some Xenosaga vibes from it!

LightofDarkness1403d ago

The original looked like that. This looks like a really good looking last gen game. If you honestly believe otherwise then I regret to inform you that you will no longer be allowed to drive motor vehicles, because you are legally blind.

_-EDMIX-_1403d ago

The original was also made on Hardware that was closer to a Gamecube then a PS3 too bud.... It did look good, but it didn't set the world on fire. To me it just looked like a PS2 game and rightfully so if you consider the hardware that even made the game. Its not that far off from a PS2 lol.

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