Microsoft Blogger Thoughts on Wii

Microsoft blogger Ozymandias has posted his Wii impressions.

"The controller works well - but for some genres. As I've said before, first person shooters and 'point to aim' just isn't this console's strength. It works, but there's a lag."

"One feature I found super-compelling was the ability to create a mini-avatar, or 'Mii.' This is genius. I personally had way too much fun creating my little guy..."

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PS360WII4332d ago

Cool. Seems he likes it alot as well as his friends. Not sure what problem he's having with setting up other Wii consoles and PC's. I had no problem so far. Got 5 friends on and my own e-mail set up with it.. so not sure. Anyways cool news it's still a Wii60 kind of world