Exotic Upgrades to Old Weapons and Gear in Destiny: House of Wolves Expansion

Destiny's House of Wolves expansion looks like they are getting exotic upgrades to VoG weapons and gear to keep them relevant.

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ROQFrost2844d ago

Very nice. I may have to ay again.

Toon_Link2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

If it's true the old gear is going exotic I'm disappointed. The best part about these weapons is they were great and didn't take up the exotic spot. I'd much rather they stay legendary.

Christopher2843d ago

This makes not having a fatebringer even more painful now.

CaptainPunch2844d ago

I like how we can upgrade our old gear to light level 34, VoG armor looked the best.

n4rc2844d ago

That will annoy the living crap out of me..

I along with many others have dismantled their vog armor because it was made useless..

Thankfully I kept all my weapons but every piece of armor was scrapped

GameSpawn2843d ago

I kept them because I had the room. I only keep 1-2 Legendary pieces of armor (so I have something to swap with exotics to move from an exotic helmet to chest piece, etc.) all depending on their stats.

However due to the unique nature of Raid armor (and even Eris' story quest related Gauntlets) I have kept these in addition to Dark Below 33 light armor just in case they somehow get a buff (and some of them just look slick). One thing I've noticed is that Raid armor has borderline OP perks. They aren't game breaking because most of the perks are geared toward PvE and the Raids, but some are very useful in other PvE activities (such as generating extra orbs for non-Guardian kills).

JoeIsMad2844d ago

I'm probably alone, but I actually like the new horde-like mode.

Magnus7012844d ago


This is Bungie we are talking about :)

DevilishSix2843d ago

How could you like it, there has been no official info about it yet?

JoeIsMad2843d ago

Horde modes are all the same. It's just one of two options: Defend this thing, or survive as long as you can.

Nightfallen2844d ago

I am very much looking forward to getting back into Destiny. I haven't touched it in few months so this looks like a great reason to.

Magnus7012844d ago

I'm the same way. I did everything and then lost the reason to play.

Reaching 34 with the old gear will be nice, but I'll bet anything that the new light level max will be 36. Got to keep you busy grinding for gear.

SaffronCurse2844d ago

The grind is fine, we just need more content. As of now, there is really nothing to do once you reach max level with all three of your characters and when you have pretty much every exotic right now.

Letthewookiewin2844d ago

Dam I have Destiny, Bloodborne to finish up and The Witcher 3 to juggle. Good problems to have I guess!

ceejaa2843d ago

Dont forget mortal kombat x

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The story is too old to be commented.