GameSpot E3 2008: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Update

GameSpot writes: "It seems every last detail pertaining to Killzone 2 has been measured against the ambitious trailer shown three years ago at E3 2005. Developer Guerrilla knows all too well that that's a tough shadow to escape from, but it's not necessarily impossible. One way is to shift gears and change the discussion to the game's often overlooked multiplayer aspect. That's precisely what happened earlier today when we were treated to a multiplayer-focused presentation from designer Eric Boltjes. He guided us through Guerrilla's plans for player progression, character customization and community features.

The demonstration in question was given by a member of the Guerrilla design team named Eric Boltjes. He started us off with an overview of their goals for making Killzone 2's multiplayer both more accessible for newcomers and deep for veterans. The way the plan to go about doing this is easing players into the various features attainable through extended play. What this boils down to is a player progression system similar to Call of Duty 4 that tracks a player's rank and gives them new abilities when they rank up and collect supplementary ribbons and medals. There are 12 ranks, 46 military ribbons and over 100 personal statistics you can keep track of over your entire Killzone 2 career."

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Cinos1233744d ago

Cant wait to use stealth and sniping together or even stealth medic, should be interesting.

One of the devs said that for everyday they would reveal a little more about Killzone 2 so I guess later today we should get some new news.