1UP E3 2008: Killlzone 2 'Multiplayer' Hands-On Preview

Uh, if you don't already know about this behemoth first-person shooter for PS3, go load up our big Killzone 2 write-up, and then find your local paper magazine repository and pick up the August issue of EGM and read the cover story. You will love it. If you are familiar with the sci-fi FPS spectacular, you'll probably be interested to hear that one of the big features that Sony and developer Guerrilla discussed today is the game's kept-secret-until-now multiplayer.

This is the first time any aspect of Killzone 2's multiplayer has been shown. The two main thrusts of it are 1) to make it accessible to pretty much anyone, even those who've never played Killzone, and 2) to reward those who stick with multiplayer through a host of unlockable features and community-management tools. Basically, they want newbs to play the game, unlock cool stuff, and then keep on playing with their buddies.

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