GameSpot E3 2008: Neverwinter Nights 2: The Storm of Zehir First Look

GameSpot writes: "We stopped by Atari's booth at E3 2008 to get a quick look at The Strom of Zehir, the much-anticipated expansion to Neverwinter Nights 2. The first major addition that fans of the NWN franchise will eat up is the new party-creation feature. Instead of starting off on your voyage with a cast of pre-set characters, you'll design your own friends, give them names, and even create your very own motto for your party. Obsidian said that many player felt the relationships with pre-set characters felt forced and artificial, while this new creation system will allow for relationships and personalities to evolve dynamically. We didn't get to see the tool for ourselves, but love the idea of creating our own friends -- we always need more.

You'll navigate the high-seas on board the Vigilant when it quickly become apparent that your trusty ships has been sabotaged. With your party in tow, as well as the famous bard Volo, you'll begin to explore the land of Samarach and all the mystery that it holds. We watched as Volo ran into a group of menacing goblins. Not being fluent in their language, Volo managed to insult the goblins and instigate a full scale battle. You can expect plenty of such tomfoolery from Volo as you progress through SoZ."

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