GameSpot E3 2008: Trophies coming to the PSP?

GameSpot writes: "What we heard: Though it got off to a bumpy start, the PlayStation 3's trophy system is now in place, already rewarding many players--some retroactively--for their in-game feats. However, the same privilege hasn't been extended to owners of the PlayStation Portable, which has no trophy system....yet.

That may soon change, though, if hints dropped during GameSpot Live's E3 2008 Stage Show are any indication. During a presentation of Buzz! Master Quiz for the PSP, producer Emerson Escobar described the in-game medal system for the trivia game, which will have over 5,000 questions divided along three levels. "We've implemented a new medal system for bronze, silver, and gold. You basically have to get bronze to move onto the next batch of questions," beamed Escobar.

Then, around the 12 minute mark of this clip, the producer promised something even more interesting. "The cool thing is it isn't just getting the gold medal," he chimed. "We've also implemented a trophy system. Let's say you answer a question within one second, you get a lightning finger trophy. If you answer a question within half a second, you get a supersonic trophy."

When asked if his comments meant that the PSP was getting trophies, Escobar laughed nervously. "Check back with us later," he said, grinning--and then declining to go into further detail."

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pwnsause3744d ago

if they do this, then that means we might see PSN integration with the PSP in the future. not to mention this can boost software sales as well

Asurastrike3744d ago

PSP trophies won't work because people will just pirate even more to get trophies.

BSigel813744d ago

They could do it like the PS3's trophies where they are not retroactive(but, then again that would only work with online titles). But, if it is integrated into the PSN I could possibly see it happening, where you have to sign-in to view the trophies. Which in turn would call for a separate application.

darkdoom30003744d ago

Well, from what i know, hacked PSP cannot play online games as the network detectes their firmware right??

in that case, im guessing trophy support will be stored inside the system memory, so you cant access it without having it hacked.

If you hack it, copy trophy files to your friends hacked PSP, both of you cannot connect to the network, meaning thoes throphies wont show on your profile??

?? possible?

BSigel813744d ago

I agree with your concept, it's definitely possible it would make that border with PSP and PS3 closer. What if you could look at both your PS3 and PSP trophies from each system. PSP would probably be viewable using Remote Play, but the other would be a possibility.

BlackIceJoe3744d ago

I so hope Trophies come to PSP games because then I would have a reason to replay some of my favorite PSP games again. Plus I like thoughs trophies and if I can get more that would be great news.