People Already Hate Star Wars Battlefront and it Makes No Sense

CraveOnline: "Star Wars Battlefront may turn out to be a bad game. Star Wars Battlefront may turn out to be a good game. In truth, we don’t really know what Star Wars Battlefront will be like, aside from the tidbits of information we’ve received from EA/DICE, but that hasn’t stopped a very vocal group of fans of the series from grimacing with disgust and already writing off one of the most heavily anticipated games of the year."

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yarbie10001366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Looking at the like to dislike ratio on the Battlefront trailers and reading the comments. It appears that the vast majority of people are excited about it. The haters are well in the minority.

Game is going to do massive sales.

FarEastOrient1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Must be the trekkies infiltrating the forums to complain about star wars properties. /S

freshslicepizza1365d ago

you mean the haters like to make the most noise? that's impossible!

3-4-51365d ago

* Some people can't stand when you don't love "their thing".

* Some people hate on stuff when it doesn't go "100% their way"

* Some people are just Douche Bags.


BellePelouse1364d ago

Its probably just Hipsters hating something because it is popular as they always do

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thorstein1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Newsflash: The only people that hate this game are the gaming press. As with all new and great IPs, you guys are the ones spreading hate. It is nothing new, though many of you "journos" think it is "hip" "cool" "unique" to hate on something for no reason whatsoever.

Just type "The Order 1886" into crave's search engine to see exactly what I mean. And if you don't like the Order, add any other successful IP from this gen and see the hatred.

OB1Biker1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

True its what the media do. But they also play with a trend in the internet gaming community to demand that games are what they expect them to be and be very vocal complaining if they are not instead of just voting with their valets.

Im waiting to see gameplay at E3 and reasonably optimistic the game should be fun on its own merits.

yea they hype games up a lot.. but to be honest we all know where most of the hype come from and the media just push the right buttons for people to run with it

FarEastOrient1365d ago

The gaming press also increase hype to unnecessary levels and give out awards before a game is released. Look at Titanfall and Evolve, how much the media loved these games even though the staying power lasted only weeks.

nix1365d ago

I think the hate started because Sony is co-promotor of this game.

This is like rerun of The Order with opposite reasons.

No single player.
No story.

I won't be picking it up even though I'm a fan of the franchise. MP is not my cup of tea.

Gozer1365d ago

That's not true. Im not part of the gaming press, and I am disappointed with what I have heard so far. I was far beyond excited for this Battlefront until the details about the changes that have been made to the series.

The biggest disappointment for myself is the lack of the Galactic Conquest mode. This mode gave meaning to each map you fought on, now its been replaced by a meaningless map rng. That sucks ass imo.

Then you factor in some of the coolest things about the original series. Like controlling an AT-AT, and the battles in space.

Fans of the series have reasons to gripe. These fans aren't giving a pass to this game simply because its a Star Wars title. Personally,I find it kind of shady of EADICE using the Battlefront label for a game so different than the games that established said label.

Im willing to withhold my final judgment of this game until I play through the EA Access trial. But Ill be going into it expecting a Battlefield clone with a Star Wars skin. If it ends up as such, Ill hold onto my money and play it when it goes into the EA Access Vault.

antifanboy1365d ago

Well said...i was playing galactic conquest until a couple years ago. That mode gave the game almost unlimited replay value. This game looks good and ill probably pick it up because i dont have an fps on my ps4...but this us not the battlefront sequel we were looking for.

OB1Biker1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

OK I understand some disappointment but just like the comment above rightly saying the game looks good how about you wait to see proper gameplay and see this game as what it is and not as what you want it to be.

Its not 'giving a pass to this game simply because its a Star Wars title' it seems just the opposite to me.

JasonKCK1365d ago

How can the press be hating on The Order when it's considered universally an average game by the gamers?

uth111365d ago

I'd say polarizing, not average, you either love it or hate it. When you average those scores together, you get a middle of the road score.

JasonKCK1365d ago

"When you average those scores together, you get a middle of the road score"

In other words, average.

slinky1234561365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I like it so far... but is there any reason besides the fact that I played the series before? No reason to like or dislike really with it still far from release.

I see why people dislike it though. What's been told makes it seem like features that would be expected are taken out. I think it will be great, a wonderful star wars game even... BUT, I did expect it to have every thing the first 2 had IMPROVED VASTLY and much much more added to it. And when it releases I know I will love it, but feel there needs to be the awesome space battles, I want to play in all trilogies(serious;y no reason to hate them adding the first 3 episodes when you're just playing in the different and cool settings, I understand people not liking the movies, but no reason not adding it to a star wars game), and so much other things that are missing. But who knows how it will go. It will have a lot of content I believe, but I do hope there is much more to come.

Roccetarius1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

It's pretty obvious that people are ''hating'' it or being critical, because they've taken out features that should be in a Battlefront game.

Multiplatguy1365d ago

Not buying into the hype does not make you a hater. I've been accused of being a hater because I said it was a shame that Space combat and Galactic Conquest didn't make the cut because I loved those from the older games.

It seems to me that people are overreacting and accusing people of being a hater because they are not hyped up. Why do we have to be so dramatic every time a game comes out? I don't see anything wrong with Battlefront fans being turned off because features from Battlefront didn't make the cut for the reboot.

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