TGR Demo Impressions: Too Human - "Can't Wait for August"

"The demo starts off with an impressive opening, with troops heading out to a mysterious signal they found on this icy planet (think James Cameron's Aliens). The graphics are good, but I wouldn't say they are amazing. At some points during the demo, the lighting, detail, and environments looked out of this world, but often enough comes a scene that looks bland and dull; hopefully this gets sorted out before release because other than that, Too Human is a visual treat. When you get control over Lord Baldur, the game's player character, you start off at the entrance to this huge icy dungeon, and as you make your way in, you see for the first time these half-monsters-half-machines that you will later on fight."

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Silogon3746d ago

I'm wondering how many of these people are being paid to say this? I've played the demo, it's not a "Can't wait til event" Sorry.

Ali_The_Brit3746d ago

meh it wasnt bad actualy just not my cup of tea

rhood0223746d ago

Reading some of these comments, I kinda agree with you about people "drinking the kool-aid" with Too Human.

I mean, it's not a bad game but seeing things like "GOTY" in the comment sections of certain sites and "best game I've played this year" lead me to a few conclusion:

1) massive spin campaign, a la PS3 fanboys and Heavenly Sword, if or when this game gets average to ok reviews. That way, people can say, "I like it and that's all that matters."

2) The 360 is in a massive game drought and this title, with its developer pedigree, at least gives 360 only owners some glimmer of hope that they don't have to wait until October to have a decent game.

radzy3746d ago

i had the 2 laser guns and the mace going at the same time .
explosive when you power up.
been through the demo twice already.

YoMeViet3746d ago

really? kidding?.....are you sure?.....I'ma give you a chance to change your view......REALLY?!?!

I thought this game was deemed a "flop-before-it-drop" ; title by all the major review sites, meh, must had been my imagination.

predator3746d ago

did you even play it? if you did then you would no its atually very good

mesh13746d ago

the best demo ive played on xbox live by far the game is soo addicitive baldur is a badd asss i like how he talks how the story unfolds the the game i sjust a very good game end off tbh nothing will make me not buy it nothing

predator3746d ago

ou have to play through it a couple of times then it gets better and better

Mikelarry3746d ago

it loving the story but i really really dislike the controls i prefer the combo moves. if when it gets released and they allow you to change from the analogue sticks to button moves then i might get it

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The story is too old to be commented.