IGN: E3 '08: The Last Remnant Update

Some titles appear at every press event, showcased to the point of redundancy. That can not be said about The Last Remnant. Due out this November for Xbox 360 and following later on PlayStation 3 and PC, Square-Enix has yet to blow the lid off this RPG and show the world exactly what it can expect out of the Unreal Engine 3 powered adventure. For this E3, the publisher released a trailer and announced the game for the PC but still did not put the game on display in playable form. To grab a few extra details, IGN sat down with Nobuyuki Ueda, producer for Square, to pick his brain through a translator.

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They seriously sold us out. that messed how they miss treating us the playstion fans. Its okay for them not to delay ff13 for the ps3, so that the 360 version could catch up, but is not okay to do the same for us for last remamnet. I see where you at square, you basically playing us. I remember back then when square was going out of business and you guys were about to shut down, and it was sony that came to the rescue helping you guys out. But now that you guys are looking to make a quick buck from microsoft, your forgetting about the people who made you what you are today. I mean i don't mind you guys going multiplatform, but atleast be fair.