Did You Know That You Could PvP In The Hunter's Dream In Bloodborne?

Funny enough, one of the duelers is decked out in full Doll attire so it makes it look as if someone pissed the Doll off.

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gangsta_red2373d ago

Is this why I see so many death spirits in Hunter's Dream?

Baka-akaB2373d ago

Dont forget the Chikage and its second mode too

wakeNbake2373d ago

And those who jump off the ledge repeatedly.

Game0N2373d ago

absolutely...that and also people doing dumb stuff.

Clown_Syndr0me2373d ago

In my 20+ hours of placesn I've never once seven the beckoning bell ring. & Yes I have all the bells.

MasterCornholio2373d ago

I never used the bell either. Maybe ill try them out on my second play through.

Clown_Syndr0me2372d ago

Damn I just realised how bad my spelling was here. I find it hard to write on my phone, I swear t deliberately mucks up my words.
I meant during all my playtime I've never seen anyone else ring the bell so never had the opportunity to enter another's game. May as well just be single player.

vallencer2372d ago

Might be a dumb question but you are ringing the small resonant bell right?

Viryu2373d ago

Ehh, what happened to the good ol'rule where you don't use health potions in duels.

TGF_Zero2373d ago

you mean the ol unwritten rule?

Deadlead2373d ago

Hey I haven't done any PvP in Bloodborne yet but it looks intense and fun. Just so I'm not a dick can anyone tell me the "rules"

TGF_Zero2373d ago

It's still super early, there isn't even a set meta for PVP or co-op level that is agreed upon communally but as far as "rules" go, since blood vials are so easy and fast to pull off, it can seem unfair if you withered someone down to 1/3 of their health only to have some dash away and heal up completely. It draws out fights and can make fights tedious. Generally, there are no rules yet but we'll soon reach an agreed approach to fair play tactics. So you won't be a dick, don't worry.

Deadlead2373d ago

@TGF_Zero Haha awesome thanks for the tips man, I guess I'll try bowing first like Strawberry recommended below

HammadTheBeast2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Basically only 2 rules so far. If someone's in a fight with a monster, let them finish and heal up, and during the fight don't heal. If someone does start healing, rules are off and just go for it.

Good luck.

DafunkyRebel2373d ago

Don't be a dick, thats the only rule that matters

SpinalRemains1382373d ago

Dude, there are no rules.

There is no honor in a videogame. We are not chivalrous or knights.

If you wanna kill the invader then do whatever the game allows.

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SpinalRemains1382373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Why is no healing even a thing?

I never understood this. If From Soft wanted it that way they would have done so. It is silly to play strangers and expect them to obey your rules.

What's next week, no bolt allowed?

ThanatosDMC2373d ago

Ignore those people who are stuck on Dark Souls mentality. Healing is a must in Bloodborne espeicially with Bloodtinged builds.

Viryu2372d ago

There are two versions of PvP. Duels and invasions. Sure, in invasions you can do whatever you want if you want to ruin someone's game while they adventure. But in duels, when someone wants to specifically 1vs1, potions are generally not welcome.

andresegr2373d ago

Agreed 100%

Today some guy invaded my game, he looked fairly powerful at first but then we started fighting and i noticed that u did waaay more damage than him, well, every fucking 10 seconds he would dash back to heal and then come again. That took the excitement to the whole invasion imo.

Not only that, after 10 to 12 minutes of fighting, when he knew that i was kicking his ass, he just fucking left my game!!!

hellothere19772373d ago

Prohibiting this would put Arcane blood bullet builds in quite a conundrum.

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StrawberryDiesel4202373d ago

Just bow before you fight and know that most players don't use healing potion(blood vials) during battle. There really aren't any rules aside from bowing before the fight begins though. Spamming healing potions depends on the player.

Deadlead2373d ago

Appreciate it StrawberryDiesel420 and happy holliday to ya.

StrawberryDiesel4202372d ago

No problem, thx and enjoy the game!

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