Rock Band 2: Website is Live, plus Original Disc Import Information

Alan Tsang of PS3Fanboy says,

"We mentioned before that Rock Band 2 will allow players to "export most of the Rock Band disc tracks and upgrade them into Rock Band 2 gameplay." Most means not all. So what tracks are excluded? Joystiq got a chance to talk to senior designer Dan Teasdale, who said the final list of importable songs is still up in the air, due to licensing issues. Apparently Harmonix had to re-license all of the tracks from the first Rock Band. Sources are saying the number of songs excluded will probably be around 2 to 3. This is speculated to be caused by the new exclusivity deals with Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The official Rock Band 2 website has also been opened. No new information, but there are a couple of IM icons and wallpaper. The website also allows you to pre-order the game on the Xbox 360 on Amazon, but a quick look around also leads a pre-order for the PS3 version, including the Special Edition which includes the instruments. We did notice the Special Edition is has a release date listed as October 19th while the game by itself has it listed as November 30th, but these dates are probably inaccurate. The 360 Special Edition, which already has a confirmed release date of September, also has the release date listed as October here."

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cool84821d ago

disseminated in Kids of America. Jeez what where they thinking putting the Muffs version on their,they ruined a good song..

RevN8r4821d ago

Some sites online are saying it's one of the more fun songs in the game. I'd tend to agree with you, though. If it's not the original, it's just unoriginal.

outlawlife4821d ago

its cool they are supporting the old product but the game disc by itself is kind of a jip if it sells for 60 really hasn't changed aside from new songs

and this music game trend needs to stop...its getting way too expensive