Home Will Be Region Locked

According to Jem Alexander of PS3Fanboy,

"We were given a pretty in-depth walkthrough of the current state of Home, including a couple of game spaces (images of those later), during which we asked the bloke as many questions as we could think of. Top of our list? Making sure that we would be able to meet up with our friends all across the planet in the various public spaces. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Home's public spaces are going to be region-specific.

If you want to meet up with your pals from abroad, then you'll be able to invite them into your apartment, but warping into the game space to bowl or play chess is not possible. This is allegedly to make sure that each region receives an "experience most suited to their tastes" as well as, no doubt, to keep advertisers happy. The last thing they want is Europeans seeing an advert directed at Americans."

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Angelitos5615d ago (Edited 5615d ago )

They shouldnt make it region locked, gamers should have the freedom of whatever they want. Well, that is legal anyways :)

JoelR5615d ago

Hmm that is a complete reversal of stated direction if this is the case. The www.scedev.net information still says that you should be able to visit any region - but you are locked to spawning in your own on start up.

Lord Anubis5615d ago

that's how it was before. but i guess things have changed. Phil is no longer there so they can do anything they want.

Mystery_Person5615d ago

As long as I can invite my friends to my house I don't give a damn about public rooms!

yesah5615d ago

probaly a good idea, because of the whole language thing.

gambare5615d ago

IMO region locking the games prevents some serious lag issues. But on the bad part, I got some friends outside america and that prevents me from joining them in a specific game.

Doppy5615d ago

That's fine for now just get it out.

CrazedFiend5615d ago

How is region locking ensuring that everything is to my taste if everyone around me is Japanese and I'm not???

Here's a novel idea. How about giving me a choice about which area I want to be in. That way an American can choose be in an American section and a European can choose to be in a European section and a Japanese can choose to be in a Japanese section EVEN IF THEY'RE NOT IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY!!!

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Arsenal4Ever5615d ago

I know what they're going to do. They're going to shaft Europeans by giving us all the crappy stuff I can just see it now.

Well since 1995 - 2008 they've been doing it so I don't see what can stop them now.

ParadoxicalAssassin5615d ago

how big is home?, i just thought it was a couple of buildings. It spans the entire world? So i can have a house in Hawaii if i want?

BananaSlug5615d ago

didnt they tout a cross language translator in the first few demos?

sony... what are you doing?


tethered5615d ago

I'll tell you what they are doing.

Their ambitions are being tethered by the overwhelming pressure people (and that other company) are putting on them. I would be one of those people. They need something soon. Really, really soon.

Open beta please!

Even if its not perfect put it out there for us to try. Even if its just one public lobby, and your own personal home. Build on from that.

Thats what I think its all about.

We have been waiting a long time for this. A very long time!

madestar5615d ago

i agree..... meh... not a big deal.. just like FFXIII being on xbox360 until 2010.. no biggie... not going to hurt sony that much