WhatIfGaming E3 '08: Microsoft: No FFXIII In Japan; "Big Deal"

WhatIfGaming reveals what Microsoft thinks about the issue being raised.

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LeSouteneur3771d ago

FFXIII sells the most in Japan. Everywhere else, JRPGs in general are niche. If MS needed it in one place, it's Japan.

Cerberus_Hunter3771d ago

I'm sure they don't know what FFXIII means.

NO_PUDding3771d ago

To be honest it reeks of worry.

"Big deal. This is not a problem or issue. Microsoft will continue to achieve success everywhere with it’s vast library of titles"

Big deal is not good PR talk, it sounds like they don't have a real answer. Brushing it off won't work.

I am not worried at all, the E3 announcement has worn off now, and in retrospect, it seems like Microsoft needs to cling to making things multiplatform to survive, by paying up.

While the 360 is focusing on games from previous generations, Sony is making the generation defining games for this generation.

gambare3771d ago

mm.... and FF title in Japan shouldn't be taken so lightly, in Japan an FF title can sell millions of copies, and MGS4 showed that the PS3 can be sold by huge numbers.

deeznuts3771d ago

Japan has a higher per capita sales rate, and a higher absolute amount as well, but the US is not that far behind in FF sales. I'm not making predictions either way, just sayin. I'm sure anyone with both consoles will buy the PS3 (not a port) more often than not, and then those with either will obviously buy either.

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juuken3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

...Shows how much Microsoft cares about their fans doesn't it? are officially jackasses.

Angelitos3771d ago

M$ already bribed Square Enix to become multiplatform for some countries, they should be happy enough.

I'm going straight to the point about the FF13 multiplatform case:

It ruined the SONY relationship

It disappointed many fans

SONY depended on them to make a great game, to help improve the sales and reptutation of the PS3

Exclusives that tend to go Multi looses interests

Ruined the Playstation exclusive trademark

Becoming like Capcom(no need for further explanation)

Gave one less reason to own a PS3, which it was the PS2 and PS1 that gave Square Enix where they are now.

Showed they cared more about money than loyalty

Slowing down the FF13 Verses development

May question themselves about the storage space and specs they are using when developing FF13

They are looking to seem to betraying another company(like when they ditched Nintendo)

Gave something the Xbox fanboys to cheer and make fun of to the Sony fanboys

Making themselves look foolish when they made statements like, "We are arent looking forward for Final Fantasy games on different platforms". " The PS3 suits Final Fantasy 13".

Made another foolish statement saying it was to reduce the fanboyism, and yet, Last Remnant is a 360 timed exclusive, Infinite Discovery and Star Ocean are 360 exclusives.

And other foolish statement when they said FF13 multi was because of the install base, but then why is FF13 verses a PS3 exclusive? hmmmmm

Chad Warden3771d ago

Wow are they being serious? FF ALWAYS sells the most in Japan ROFL and the PS3 version will be released exclusively in Japan, long before the US and EU versions are released. M$ really cracks me up with their stupid-ass comments.

B-Rein3771d ago

ahahah, japan, that like that place for rpgs not to metion ff is the best rpg goin hahah big deal what crack you on M$

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