IGN: E3 '08: Star Ocean IV Details

Though Square-Enix isn't ready to show a live demo of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the famed RPG publisher is ready to at least provide a few details. The latest in the beloved Star Ocean series -- and first on a Microsoft console -- is actually a prequel. The story takes place before the first Star Ocean and is an origin story for the entire series. Earth has been decimated by World War III and has become uninhabitable. Humanity's last hope is to find a new home among the stars.

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Angelitos3838d ago

They better make this game multiplatform to the PS3, after they accepted the bribe from M$ for FF13 and became disloyal to SONY

LeSouteneur3838d ago

have some bubbles. :) Star Ocean will most likely be on PS3 at some point. Square is not stupid enough to ignore Japan.

Also, White Knight Story and Dark Cloud 3 will be at TGS, guarantee it.

power of Green 3838d ago

What you said is like saying, devs making PS3 exclusives that the west might like *and* calling then stupid for not making them on the 360 lol.

Dark vader3838d ago

all sign point to this game being multiplatform, but we havent had no official announcement yet. maybe at tgs some light will be shed.

BIoodmask3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

IGN's words:

"Coming exclusively to Xbox 360 spring 2009, Square-Enix is keeping a tight wrap on the game for the time being."

Is this direct quote from the preview part of your 'all signs point to.'.... Just curious.

LeSouteneur3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

about FFXIII. It WILL come to PS3. Mark my words. Square isn't stupid enough to ignore Japan where Star Ocean sells the most.

mister3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

these "signs" you are constantly refer to are nothing, but premonitions... kinda like the ones me moms used to get whenever i failed a test, and didn't tell her about it. (the woman still found out, bless her- gave a nice wallop too).

Anyways, that's cool, let's all be geenies. Either that or we can discuss whether or not the game itself will be any good. Maybe, even read the article? I mean this is a gamer zone, right.

I for one though the trailer was amazing in terms of its gameplay reveals, but didn't do too much as far as story was concerned. Hopefully, the new "sci-fi" experience will be not a corny traditional jrpg, except replaced with jawas.

What I'm saying is that I hope this game utilizes its space settings to make a different kind of jrpg. Like if you use swords (huh?), it should kinda be explained why such weapons aren't disenergrated the moment its unsheathed... just saying.

rhood0223838d ago


Kinda like how UT III was billed as being on the PS3 "exclusively" in the Fall 2007? In fact, I seem to recall Epic going as far as saying that it wasn't even started on the 360, despite the fact it had been demoed on the 360 not more than 3 months prior to the announcement.

Or like how Bioshock was "exclusively" on the 360? Even though there were files on the disk of a PS3 version that the developers denied was in production.

Come one, you're smarter than that. It's called fulfilling your contractual obligations. I mean, if a company pays for an exclusive window, you're not going to hear about another version because it will cost the contractee sales.

That is why, when asked about a PS3 version, SE responded with a "we can't comment on a PS3 version at this time," rather than saying "no, there is no PS3 version coming."

Real gamer 4 life3838d ago

Stop bull $hitting yourself, you know damn well that this game is time exclusive at best, same goes for vesperia and last remanemt. At microsoft press conference, square mention infinity discovery as an exclusive game for the 360 right? But tell me why he failed to introduce star ocean as an exclusive? Come on even an idiot can tell that this game is going to come out for the ps3.

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kazuma3838d ago

the most un-biased opinion? star ocean 4 IS coming to ps3. why?
let's review the microsoft conference:
infinite undiscovery only on xbox360
star ocean 4 spring 2009
last remnant first on xbox360 this holiday

see the pattern here ppl?
they didn't mention only on xbox360. or exclusive to xbox360. add that to the "we don't comment on other versions of so4" official response of SE, and it's a given. another point to back me up? ps3 sold more in japan, ofc they will want to release so4 there.

Mayle3838d ago

it will definitely be a xbox 360 TIMED exclusive with the 360 version releasing in the Spring and the PS3 version in the fall....the question is do I want in the Spring or can I wait for a version that will probably have more stuff in the Fall

testerg353838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

hahhaa.. oh wait.. let me do an Angelitos or juuken for you..

I'm so hurt.. SE betrayed us. After what MS has done for them. I will try to get over it, but it may take some time. Damn Sony! They bribed SE because this was originally an MS exclusive! SE should care about loyalty and not making a profit.

Sorry.. I tried.. I couldn't be as pathetic.

juuken3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Cute but no.


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