3 Things Valve can do to make Steam Machines better

MWEW GameZone Writes: "Somewhere between its announcement and now, the momentum of the Steam Machine concept has slowed down immensely; bogged down by inadequate execution and too much choice. Here are three steps Valve can take that could go along way to reviving the Steam Machine's fortunes."

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SonZeRo2383d ago

From what I have seen these things are way overpriced and im pretty sure someone who has a pc isn't going to dish out more money to do something they can already.

schmoe2383d ago

agreed. but you cant blame them for wanting to carve out a place of their own in the console space. As glorious as we may be, our numbers are dwarfed by the units with a lower barrier to entry

Shineon2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I have one and I don't think it's overpriced it came with payday 2 metro last light awesomnauts Magika and a few other games for free it has an overclocked gtx 860m, base model has i3 and 4 gigs off ddr3 and the system is waaay smaller than ps4.It was not made to compete with PC but with the current gen console which it beats in terms of graphics and functionality for its a PC of course it should.Yes you cam build your own for cheaper but will it come with windows 8.1 and a xbox 360 controller or any of the games I've mentioned.Probally not.would you be able to fit your custom built in your back pack to take over to a freinds?typed from phone#