GameDaily: Resistance: Retribution Preview

PlayStation 3 launch game Resistance hit the spot with one of the most innovative weapon lineups in the history of games and an interesting alternate-history starring alien invasion in Europe. The shooter will soon be followed up by a full-fledged sequel on PlayStation 3, and Resistance: Retribution for PSP, by the same crew responsible for Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow.

Like the original Resistance, this PSP shooter will focus primarily on using a series of funky weapons to shoot down enemies as the plot plays out on screen. The hero (or anti-hero as the case may be) is James Grayson, an average soldier who survived the Chimera's occupation of Western Europe. Post-war, he's been destroying conversion centers, where Chimera have been turning humans into monsters. In a gut-wrenching scenario, he finds his lost brother in mid-conversion and is forced to kill him, which sends him on a revenge mission that leads him into the company of a buxom blonde Raine Bouchard, a member of the French resistance.

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Dark SeRaNADE3841d ago

hahahah! sounds interesting! and if its made by the same company that did Syphon filter then all the more better! those games rocked!

wonder if it will have the 300ft boss in this one! :O that would be Fu(kin ace! :)