E3: Sony's Tretton Talks Sony Home Vs. Microsoft's Avatars

As part of today's Sony roundtable Q&A at E3, SCEA president Jack Tretton has been discussing the state of the Home online world for PlayStation 3, suggesting there was "a lot of learning... and a little naivete" in its construction, but that the "worst thing" Sony could do was look at Microsoft's new Xbox 360 avatars and try to react based on them.

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Surfman3745d ago

Microsoft has born with copies. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. The only thing they can do right.

RevN8r3745d ago

You Sir, are Correct! +bubs

princejb1343745d ago

the way you explained it was hot
i like that

Bladestar3745d ago

and Sony with Alt+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Backspace

- Select All (tries to copy achievements, movie marketplace, and others)
- Copy
- Paste
- Backspace (remove features sony copied half way like private voice chat and other missing features of XMB)

Thoas3745d ago

LOL you guys are missing two major studios in Fox and Sony HAHAHAHAHA

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sonarus3745d ago

No comparison really
1 is super delayed but is well ahead of the other

Hagaf223745d ago

its weird sony is doing something unique for the consoles and microsoft is still copying the wii, so sony copies microsofts in game features, microsoft copies wiis miis and controller and wii is copying ps3 with bigger hard drives (as is microsoft) so who is really the biggest culprit.

SpaZaA3745d ago

"wii is copying ps3 with bigger hard drives"
uhhh no.

Thugbot1873745d ago

Who copied who is silly. For the most part they are different products. Sony’s Home looks like it will offer the most. I really don’t see Nintendo going beyond what they have this generation as far as avatars go. For Microsoft it really was the next logical progression for their gamer card. They could have given a different artistic feel to the Avatars so they didn’t appear like a much improve rip right from the Nintendo Wii. If you really think about it all this was inspired by Microsoft’s gamer card. Nintendo was the first to have a 3D avatar so anyone adding this feature is copying them. It’s just a silly circle that seem can point in many directions.

truth for gamers3745d ago

Honestly it looks pretty cool because it has great graphics but you have to wonder if it will hurt ps3 3rd party video game sales since alot of people will rather be in home than playing actual video games.

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The gaming GOD3745d ago

Home is your own avatar AND your own virtual world. As far as I know the MS avatars are just Mii copies.

Anyone want to fill me in on what MS avatars are about?

wicked3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

They give you a representation when playing online games together and not just a picture. It would look a bit silly having lot of pictures lined up in a row when playing 1 v 100 for instance.

Angelitos3745d ago

Micrsoft avatar is cloned from the wii with taking some of PSN features.

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