Rumor: Here's How Much ZombiU, Bayonetta 2, W101, and Captain Toad Have Sold Since Launch

According to a new rumor posted by an insider on Neogaf, we now have sales data for several important pieces of Wii U software that Nintendo has chosen not to update us on.

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majiebeast3089d ago

Creamsugar has the NPD report and gets hunted down by NPD ninjas monthly. The numbers are legit.

bouzebbal3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Toad sold well, the rest is really disappointing.
One more proof that people buy Nintendo home consoles for 1st party games only and i'm one of them.
Out of all these games, i only have Captain Toad.

mikeslemonade3089d ago

More proof that these games aren't really that good. It's good for a specific group of gamers. Quality eventually becomes viral, so don't give me that BS about sales don't equal quality. Because quality travels and will eventually become mass-market.

bouzebbal3089d ago

you are full of BS. Sales almost never mean quality.
You seem to be one of those who follow the fashion. Marketing is nothing but a scam. You can never be sure of what you're getting.

opoikl3089d ago

"Quality becomes viral"

Like religion you mean? Or pop stars? Or Hollywood movies? Mass appeal means sh*t in this world.

jholden32493089d ago

Wrong. Not for 1st party games only, just mostly.

You really should own Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101. Some of the finest on Wii U.

Neonridr3089d ago

@mikeslemonade - sales is not always indicative of quality. How many McDonald's burgers are sold each day? How many albums did Justin Bieber sell? How much box office did Transformers 4 generate?

All high numbers indeed, but the quality is definitely debatable.

How can Bayonetta 2 not be a great game? It was up for GOTY by every major publication not to mention it garnered 9's basically across the board by most reviews.

The fact that Platinum even included the original Bayonetta in the package was an amazing bonus. It gave us Nintendo folk who didn't play the original a chance to experience the first game.

Captain Toad is definitely a niche game and I wouldn't expect that to sell extremely well.

ZombiU I loved, and sales can't tell me that I didn't enjoy a game.

DarXyde3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )


Uhh, what? Bayonetta 2 was totally one of the best games released last year, bar none.

I'm more inclined to say people just don't care about Wii U, which is disappointing. I love that thing and the games are very good quality.

AWBrawler3089d ago

so wii sports series and wii fit series are better than any game you play by that standard. because they sold like heck, must be quality riiiiiight? /sarcasm

Thats BS and you know it. thats like saying any singer that doesn't outsell justin beiber lacks talent and deserves low sales

Concertoine3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

I think all of those games have demos, you should try them out.

I just wish nintendo would release solid data. All we have is vgchartz and this guy, and they're both at complete opposites. All we know for sure is:
60k in Japan in its time tracked by media create.
60k in France by January (actually not bad for France)

Nintendo funds such niche games. The fatal frame series has sold less than a million lifetime after 6 entries. Devil's Third, Bayonetta, W101 are all hardcore games with limited appeal. In the Gamecube days they had big names like Star Wars, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear. The Gamecube wasn't successful, but at this point it should be a goal with Wii U sales tracking like 3 million behind it despite steady market growth in the past 15 years.

Crimzon3089d ago

Sad to see Bayonetta 2 selling so poorly. Didn't the original Bayonetta sell well over a million? It's a shame Nintendo were the only company willing to fund a sequel because it probably would have sold really well if it was multiplatform. People clearly want to play the game, they just don't want to own a Nintendo console.

shadowknight2033089d ago

While you are wrong about quality means sales (call of duty being a no brainer for example) the exception to your invalid reasoning lies with the souls games. Demons souls wasnt even going to get oorted over to the west, but its arising popularity among the forums and gamers worldwide talking about it created enough buzz that a publisher was found and thus the eventual release of demons souls in the west. Even then initial sales were not huge but word about the quality of the game continued to spread and sales were constant with that title unlike many other games that have high to mid sales opening week/month and then becoming more staggering after. This is one example about quality of a game creating the sales, but this doesn't coolrrespond witb bayo2 or any of the wiiu games, its just an 3rdly

Gamer19823089d ago

only first party games sold well on a nintendo home console? SHOCKER!!

You wonder why 3rd partys dropped it like a lead balloon.. If they are happy with around 200k worldwide sales 3rd partys will support it.

shadowknight2033089d ago

Please excuse my grammer. Ive been up over 24 hrs and am trying to keep awake so i can sleep tonight. I had a long game session lol

SimonSmith3088d ago

The only one of these games I don't have that is listed is Bayonetta 2, it is a shame that more people have not picked up ZombiU or The Wonderful 101 they are both great games that should be in everyone's collection.

SmielmaN3088d ago

Bayo2 was pretty awesome

ShinMaster3088d ago

Nintendo Fanboys don't buy good games. Even when they're exclusive. They only buy Nintendo IPs. It's f***ing sickening.

I hope this isn't true because Bayonetta 2 is one of the best games the Wii U has.

pwnsause_returns3088d ago


Bayonetta, Wonderful 101 are quality games.

its just further proof that Nintendo has a problem with third party companies and attempting to sell these games to their customers.

roboshort3088d ago

Umm.. Wonderful101 is a Nintendo IP. Platinum developed it. Anyway, it's best not to believe poorly researched articles. The Internet is infested with tons of lazy people who like to voice their opinion. These sales figures are more than likely BS. The article even says rumor. VGZChartz, which is reliable, reports that Bayonetta 2 has sold 660000 (not including digital sales) with 360000 sold in the US. Including digital sales, it has probably sold over 700000. ZombiU has sold 840000 total. These are not great, but definitely not bad. W101 does have poor numbers, though, with only 320000 sold.

roboshort3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Mikeslemonade, do you honestly believe that libertarian/austrian economics bs? People tend to like things that are familiar to them. This is human psychology. With over exposure, though, these familiar things can just become noise leading something new to go viral... largely by chance. But this isn't solely a function of its quality.

deafdani3088d ago

Funnily enough, I have all of those games... except Captain Toad.


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magiciandude3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Indeed. They show Nintendo is marching its way toward the same exit door that Sega went through. That's without a reasonable doubt. The NX needs to deliver a real next-gen experience from the PS4 and Xbox One if they want to stay competitive in the ever changing console gaming climate. The Wii U is a fanservice console but nothing more. Nintendo went completely wrong there.

Transistor3089d ago

Yep. CreamSugar is legit. Sale's matter. If you wonder why the Wii U gets no Third Party support, look no further.

Magicite3088d ago

Nintendo: no Mario = no profit.

N4g_null3088d ago

If this is true I need to re buy a few of these games because they will be collectors items when this gen is over. So far I own all of those games as digital only.

Another thing is npd doesn't include nintendo numbers. Those are internal. Plus I remember a few of these games reaching a million... something is fishy. How did the wiiu sell 90 million pieces of software and these games did not sell?

3-4-53088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Bayonetta.....that style of gameplay is VERY NICHE.

Not hating on it, it's just a game almost nobody plays...or a game style.

It's still a worth and legit genre, but it just doesn't get played much, therefore 157,000 copies of that particular style or type of game, isn't really that bad.

It's actually decent.

I'm not into that style or that game and probably won't even play it, but it didn't do bad.

* You don't get the extra 50,000-100,000 games sold on the Wii U like you will on the XB1 & PS4 because of the install base.

* Hopefully Captain Toad sold well enough to get another in the series.

Knushwood Butt3088d ago

So you are saying it's OK that it bombed...

If it just doesn't get played, why did the first game sell a ton more?

Presumably you're also happy that this game killed the franchise.

benji1013088d ago

The problem is most gamers want a male protagonist. Male character facing away from the camera. Hit. Perky looking female that does not look like a rape victim, flop. simple as that... Gamers are the most f-ed up people.

SilentNegotiator3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

This is why third party devs just aren't bothering with Wii U. Fanboys can pretend like a couple of subpar ports are the reason, but Nintendo home consoles haven't been a place to get major sales on third party games since the days of SNES (the exception being some success for third parties on the Wii for first couple years).