Microsoft, Dyack: "Ecstatic" at Too Human Demo Response got the chance to sit down with Silicon Knights CEO, Denis Dyack, to talk about their upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Too Human. One of the questions posed by asked how the response has been to the Too Human demo that was released on Xbox Live to the general public this Monday to which he responded, by saying he is "ecstatic" about the response Too Human has had. He didn't give any specific numbers, but did ensure us that the demo has been downloaded "a lot."

You can find our Too Human demo impressions here at very soon, but to give you a hint, we liked it. Be sure to check back to for the full Denis Dyack Interview coming very soon.

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Morgan Douglas Jones3748d ago

Everyone's saying the demo sucked bawlz. I'm not surprised.

TOM3747d ago

I personally had it preorderd before the demo and that didn't change after playing it.I enjoyed it in fact.But I truly enjoy alone in the dark as well,and cant understand why people have such an issue with that.I guess I have differnt tastes than the masses.

Vecta3747d ago

I rather enjoyed the demo actually, recommended it to anyone that likes Diablo/Titan Quest style games mixed with a bit of DMC style combat.

Gold3nStat3KID3747d ago

for like hour and a half, and now I kinda see what there tyring to do. So if the game is said to last nearly 60hrs, by the way they seemed like they made it, than im buying this game. It seems like the game is pretty epic, and the action is pretty INTENSE for an RPG game. I would rate it 8.0/10

u got owned3747d ago

I loved the demo, this game will be mine on day one.

kwicksandz3747d ago

but no co op and only 1 class was a bad move.

GMR_PR3747d ago

PS3 fanboys are tired of playing their only good game (MGS4) That's why they're all here trolling. This game is pretty good.

allexx_23747d ago

Yeah i wanted to try out the co-op with a friend to have some sort of feel for it and also i wanted to at least try out another class to feel the difference of the classes or a taste of it. I guess will find out when it ships.

HeroOfCows3747d ago

I had no hope for this game, but I figured I'd try the demo anyways. Completely surprised me. I'm really tempted to buy this now, since the only other thing coming out in August is BiA, and I've never been to big on that series.

solidsnakus3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

@ everyone (really)

HEY!! lol.

if you liked the demo google around cause theres alot of hidden easter eggs that will unlock ALL the classes!

watch this vid.

Megatron083747d ago

Seems like from read the most here that most people actually like the game. I fond it to be a fun lil demo I was planning on buying it and I still am.

The Lazy One3747d ago

holy crap thanks!

I enjoyed it a lot mroe than i expected. The combat took a lot of getting used to. So did the camera. Once you get used to it, it's actually a lot of fun. I'm probably going to buy this shortly after release.

t-0_ot-3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Who's sayin? PS3 fanboys? No surprise there.

I rather enjoyed the demo. Played through it twice.. It takes some time to get used to the controls, but, once I got it down, it was really nice.

Nevers3747d ago

had the chance to check this demo out. Really wanna tho. I've heard people say the demo sukt but I've also heard people really enjoyed the demo after they got used to the controls. I'll just have to see for myself cuz the whole SciFi/Fantasy-Norse Mythos stuff really interests me.

gaffyh3747d ago

I haven't played the demo, but ever since I first saw this game I thought it looked crap. I still am unsure whether to get it or not, maybe I'll try it out.

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pwnsause3748d ago

too human? how about "Too Flop"

Fart In Your Mouth3748d ago

cough cough *haze* cough cough cough cough cough cough *warhawk* cough cough cough cough cough *entire library minus mgs4* cough cough cough *you got 1 game*


Jandre023747d ago

cough cough cough Uncharted cough cough you only have 2 exclusives that have sold over 2,000,000 could cough.

LOL. Once again, all your good games are the PS3's good games. Except for Gears and Halo. But we have MGS4, which is better than those so...who cares?

Haha. Haze was a flop, but Too Human is right there with that game. The PS3 has exclusives coming (Sony actually has first party developers). The 360 has a whole bunch of multi-plats. Wheres the experience exclusive to the XBox360? Oh yeah thats right, when Xbox360 does have an exclusive outside of Gears and Halo, it turns out like NG2 and Too Human, lol.

DaChinPin3747d ago

You're just ignorant...Too bad you've probably never played a PS3..And by the sounds of that never will...I pity fanboys like you.

spandexxking3747d ago

i didnt know warhawk was a flop? damn i guess i love playing a flop!

morganfell3747d ago

This guy is definitely in denial. "Downloaded a lot" does not mean it is a good game. It's free, well you pay for Live, but of course people will download it. And delete it when they run it.

pwnsause3747d ago

cough*cough*cough*cough*cough* cough*cough*cough*cough*cough*H AZE IS COMING TO 360cough*cough*cough*cough*cou gh*cough*cough*cough*cough*coug h*

Ps3Fanboy7773747d ago

The game sucked, dont know how else to put it. There are good games on the 360 this is not one of them.

Put it this way I can personally guarantee there wont be a sequel.

FPS nut3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

360 exclusives

Halo 3 8.5 million
Gears of War 5.64 million
Forza Motorsport 2 3.94 million
Mass Effect 1.98 million
Saints Row 1.8 million
Dead Rising 1.72 million
Crackdown 1.46 million
Perfect Dark Zero 1.41 million
Project Racing 3 1.44 million
Viva Pinata 1.37 million
Project Gothem Racing 4 1 million
Dead or Alive 4 1.01 million
Ninja Gaiden 2 0.53 million

PS3 exclusives

Motorstorm 3.4 million
Resistance 2.93 million (my favorate PS3 game next to Warhawk)
Metal Gear Solid 4 2.20 million
Grand Turismo Prologue 1.88 million
Uncharted 1.74 million
Ratchet and Clank 1.24 million
Heavenly Sword 1.11 million
Warhawk 0.43 million COUGH COUGH! now why don't you "all" shut the f**k up :)

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CyberSentinel3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Deleted by CyberSentinel.

CyberSentinel3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )


Blind Lemmings, Wait No Longer, On The XBOXRPG60!

power of Green 3748d ago

I like it. Like the story too.

Surfman3747d ago

haha you like it because you are a big 360 loser fanboy, and cant admit your exclusive sucks.

Jandre023747d ago

You are the first person I've seen that likes the demo. You are truly a dedicated fanboy. If you sit through the 10 hours of gameplay on this RPG I will have to have more respect for you.

I know I wouldn't do that crap for Sony, lol. Both Haze and Lair were shiet, and I wasn't touching it with a ten foot pole.(no homo)

Mr Fancy Pants3747d ago

If POG likes it that means FLOP!

FPS nut3747d ago

You guys should take a look at the response on <---- that side, if you can pull your fanboy head out of your asses.

t-0_ot-3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

I also enjoyed the demo. It's not a game for everybody, but if you're into this type of game, I personally think it's a good demo, and will prob be a good game. Not a great game, but a good game.

But, I jus can't wait for Diablo 3 to come out. That game is the master of this genre. =D

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