E3 2008: Nintendo Developer Discussion Coverage

Kombo will be reporting live from Nintendo's private conference. Will a big game be revealed? Find out first, right here.

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mepsipax3747d ago

Pikmin 3, good job ninty, you almost let me down this year, but now with voice chat, AC mmo, pikmin and a spiritual succesor to wave race 64, good job.

qface643747d ago

i was hopping they would have a teaser for the game :]

Mayle3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

PIKMIN..I am somewhat disappointed. I mean I can see Nintendo just thinking to themselves "Ha and you thought we wouldn't remember you hardcore gamers"

They could of put a trailer with couple of lines on the screen about Hyrule and Zelda, no gameplay or cutscenes, and the game could be 2 years off but people would go crazy

riqued3747d ago

Maybe they think that the hardcore announcement was not important enough for them to show at the press release.

Better show casual games since casuals are definitely watching E3...