Sony 's Jack Tretton: The Full E3 Roundtable Report

Gamasutra writes: "Following Sony's E3 press conference, SCEA CEO and president Jack Tretton (pictured, left) sat down for a wide-ranging roundtable discussion that covered everything from Square Enix's decision to bring Final Fantasy XIII to the Xbox 360, the state and future of Home, PSP piracy, and Sony's desire to bring a PlayStation 2 to "every last consumer on earth."

Tretton came to the position from his former VP role relatively recently following the departure of "father of the PlayStation" Ken Kutaragi, and the subsequent promotion of former SCEA CEO Kaz Hirai to take Kutaragi's place. The announcement came almost immediately following the PlayStation 3's Japan and North America launch, but, as Tretton made clear in its conference, Sony's view of the last two years is that it's somewhat of a blink in the console's life.

Said Tretton: "We know what we're doing. I think we've demonstrated for two console generations that we have a long-term vision that works with consumers. We truly believe in what we say, whether you agree with it or not, that it is a long-term vision, and it is putting technology in consumers' hands that will pay benefits over time."

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