Playstation.Blog: Media Molecule's Alex Evans Interview

+ Posted by Jeff Rubenstein // Social Media Manager

For those of you that have seen the PlayStation E3 press conference (and that can include all of you now), one of the highlights was something that's typically the slowest part of these events - the business recap. Thanks to the folks at Media Molecule, a Celtics-clad Sackboy escorted SCEA CEO Jack Tretton through the numbers, instantly making Powerpoint something of an old coot.

I caught up with Alex Evans, who piloted the "Jackboy" through this E3 level immediately following the press conference, to ask him if everything was done live, and if we could re-create something like this in the finished product.

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RevN8r3749d ago

I loved this part of the show! What a cool way to show off a game, and get through the stuff that some people might call boring! Way to go Media Molecule and Sony! I cannot wait for this game!

Solid_Dawg3748d ago

boss fights and trophies(a lot) confirmed. cant wait for this game