Destructoid E3 08: Fallout 3 hands-on - "really goddamned fun"

Destructoid writes: "You've probably read a lot of Fallout 3 previews by now, but have you heard about blowing a female Raider's head off while in the basement of a burned-out elementary school? Or shooting an automated propaganda-bot voiced by Malcolm MacDowell?

Because I did those things.

I did those things."

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MK_Red3746d ago

Awesome. The previewer ROCKS! He did exactly what I wanted to do and hear about. He killed 2 good natural ladies and did some other cool stuff.

eddierivera3746d ago

But then I seen the footage on G4tv and I gotta say I was totally disapointed. I still cant believe you can blow peoples arms and legs off if you shoot them in the head. This game was going for realistic? Really? Then whats up with the VATS system? Your not supposed to beable to stop time in a realistic game, sorry to burst your bubble Besethda. You guys should have stuck with games like Morrowwind and Oblivion.

MK_Red3746d ago

Dude, that's because of a perk called Bloody Mess. It's a power / perk you can pick when you level up. If you don't want to, people will die realisticly but after picking the Bloody Mess perk, they start dying in crazy and over the top ways which is always welcome IMO.

RebornSpy3746d ago

I'm not a huge Fallout fan, but I believe the ability to stop time is a major feature in the other games. This feature is crucial to the series. Plus it is freakin' awesome.

RebornSpy3746d ago

I was like "I bet MK_Red commented here first" and here you are. I never got your avatar until I saw the recent Fallout trailer. It all makes sense!!!

Fallout 3 looks amazing from what I've seen so far. This is totally a must buy for me, especially since I live near D.C. It will be cool to look for similarities...