Halo pulled in favor of 'more dedicated event'

Microsoft said Wednesday that the decision to pull Bungie's latest Halo project from its E3 press conference was made to help trim the presentation, an "embarrassment of riches" already planned to be shown, and the feeling that the title deserved a more dedicated event.

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m233748d ago

I can't believe they left out the Bungie Project AND Grand Theft Auto. They would have stole the show along with all the other announcements. But I guess they could save these showings for a different time, I just hope its soon.

TOM3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

From what I saw,they stole the show anyway.Maybe they felt there was no need since there was very little shown buy the other two.It wouldnt be a bad idea to save this for next years e3.After all,halo always steals the show,so no matter what they(Sony,Nintindo) show next year,halo will over shadow it.I'm guessin' they cant get it done before next July.

DaChinPin3747d ago

Where MAG will absolutelly own that little Halo game...Seriously, Halo is history and the third sucked compared to the first one. Also MS didn't own E3...Tell me one thing they showed that was actually exciting except for Gears 2 and the FFXIII port they got...?

Mainman3747d ago

@ Munish
Grand Theft Auto? What where they gonna announce about that?

zethos563747d ago

The 360's Exclusive DLC.

farsided3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

fable 2 for one, and left for dead, both of which are coming out soon as exclusives, and got extremely high ratings from gamesradar. what does sony have in their pocket? killzone 2? resistance? both of those scored too low to be considered AAA, and as for ffxiii, the ps3 and x360 versions are being produced simultaneously by 2 different teams. don't make up stuff about who's being released first (other than the japanese version, which i don't speak)

just keep talking about how the 3rd sucked(even though it outscored cod4, quite an impressive feat)'s alright you didn't get to play it anyways.

m233747d ago


What Zethos said

morganfell3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

One look at MAG and Microsoft threw up their hands and it went down like this:

Jeff Greenberg: "We're doomed! We're screwed! We're a couple of doomed guys that just got screwed!"

Robbie Bach: "Shut Up! Hell, you're right. We're screwed. Cancel the Bungie announcement because anything we say now would just look desperate."

Jeff Greenberg: "But we are desperate!"

Robbie Bach: "I know, I know. But we just can't look that way! Boy I am glad Guerrilla didn't say anything about 32 players online or clan support!"

nirwanda3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

MS probable took one look at the MAG trailer and though it's a CGI trailer showing nothing and claiming to do what already Huxley does better huxley will have 5000 players per server BTW.

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vloeistof3747d ago

they should have showed it.

socomnick3747d ago

Yea Microsoft already stole the show. Dont kick sony while they are down.

Breakfast3747d ago

Yea...MS plays fair...

...unlike those awful, awful people over at Sony.

DaChinPin3747d ago

Because of FFXIII? I hope you do know the 360 version is only going to START being developed AFTER the PS3 version is done...That means 360 won't get that game until 2010 earliest.

PimpDaddy3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

You can say that FF13 will come on multiple discs, it won't be as good as the PS3 version, 360 owners in Japan aren't getting it, it won't get ported till FF13 is released in Japan, etc...

Bottom line is FF13 is coming to the 360 in the US and EU markets.

Stop crying and making excuses already. It's multiplatform. Deal with it. Instead of the usual sour grapes anti 360 FUD you guys spread. Be happy more gamers are going to experience Final Fantasy 13. Be happy Square Enix will make more money on this game.

Damn I didn't cry when Bioshock went to the PS3. It's a great game and I hope PS3 owners get to enjoy it too.

assassin2233747d ago

how ironic Microsoft steals the show and yet the only thing the press is talking about is Sony's exclusive games.

farsided3747d ago

what exclusive games? god of war? you didn't even get any gameplay, it was just a cinematic! resistance and killzone? weak sauce! little big planet? oh yeah a 21 year old guy is gonna want to play that! nearly all the top stories concern ms! here i'll let the papers do the talking:

NY Times: Nintendo and Sony Underwhelm at E3

NY Times: "The Japanese video game titans, Nintendo and Sony, announced wide-ranging, if not entirely breathtaking, constellations of new games and services at the E3 convention here on Tuesday, but did not appear to significantly alter their overall strategies in the fast-growing game market, as Microsoft did on Monday.

deeznuts3747d ago

Well to counter NY Times:

YAHOO - "Xbox 360 and Nintendo should be nervous about the news Sony has for PlayStation fans."

Hmm, who would be more likely to game, NY Times or Yahoo ... Old fogey industry about to go kaput, or Tech company ...

assassin2233747d ago

funny how you said the gow 3 trailor was Cinematic but yet you seem to have forgoten that the FFXIII trailor shown at microsofts press confrense was also cgi. "resistance and killzone? weak sauce!" weird that's not what ign said

"little big planet? oh yeah a 21 year old guy is gonna want to play that" i do'nt know? why do'nt you go ask the guys at ign, gamesradar, gamespot, gt4tv and the guys at the xboxforum because they all seem to be drooling over game.

since you like to let the papers talk i'll let the gaming media and the games talk

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dronde3747d ago

they need to get back to work and see if they can do better then MAG

zippppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Origin3747d ago

i think ms should of announced this instead and saved ff for tgs

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