Gamer TV UK : "Power of the PS3 is starting to show itself, 360 beware!"

MotorStorm Preview taken from Gamer TV (UK). Check out the physics on the crashes...ouch!

"The power of the Playstation 3 is starting to show itself 360 beware!"

"Behold the next generation of videogames!"

"This is Motorstorm on the PS3 and quite frankly it made our jaws hit the floor"

"Our first reaction to this was we have proof, proof that the PS3 will become the winner of the console wars"

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bung tickler4334d ago

still nothing impressive or anything that couldnt be done on the 360...

Donkey Slayer4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

If it were on the 360 I'd pick it up in a heardbeat, but it isn't.

AuburnTiger4334d ago

but it would take 2 discs to do it on.

untouchable4334d ago

Sounds like he hasnt played the 360 yet.

SimmoUK4334d ago

Ha the 360 fanboy's are trying to do damage control already it sounds like he has played 360 before, he's amzed just get over it this is an amazing game and everyone who has seen the final build has said so...

"Our first reaction to this was we have proof, proof that the PS3 will become the winner of the console wars"

Wow now that's a bold statement it must be THAT good... roll on the next generation...

marionz4334d ago

so sad to see you take this as concrete evidence that the ps3 is superior, the games to date really dont show anything special, go look up some ps3 reviews....and as for calling out that fanboys are in damage controll? ahh pot calling kettle black! sad sad story, i would take it off personally, you are just making yourself look stupid

uxo224334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

I'm sorry, is this motorstorm 2, cause we all already know what motorstorm looks like so to rehash it is pointless. Why the hell is his jaw dropping? Has he never seen motorstorm before?

I think the guy said look at the physics of the crashes. Is he trying to say that the physics are a true depiction of what would happen during a crash like that? Although the cars and bikes look great during the crashes. Trust me, if you run a real car or bike off of a cliff, um willing to bet that it won't look remotely the same. (as far as how much debris is flying through the air and all the high bouncing.)

Also, whenever you quote someone, you're suppose to list the source or else the quote is pointless. (effective writing 101)

Lastly, I hope motorstorm does look great alone with all other highly anticipated PS3 titles. God knows they should, especially since the software houses realize that they grossly under adchieved initially. This is probably what caused them to push back the release dates so that they can get their sh!t together.

I have only played my PS3 a small amount, because I haven't found much that I wanna play yet. Hopefully soon. Until then, I'll continue to play gears, vegas, etc. on my 360.

peksi4334d ago

You did not watch the video, those quotes we're from it.

ScorpioKyle4334d ago

he must have played a different version than I have. When I played the demo I was left unimpressed. It was cool, had some decent effects and pretty backgrounds, but not the eye bleeding goodness it was hyped up to be.

wait a while, the ps3 will have its day....eventually

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MoonDust4334d ago

Not amazing like the guy made it sound.

SimmoUK4334d ago

Nah your wronge it does look amazing, it looked good before but this build is 6 months on... what you didn't really think Motorstorm, LAIR and Heavenly Sword wouldn't look loads better than they did at TGS.. doh...

MoonDust4334d ago

I don't think the game looks amazing, it's like hotwheels on dirt. It has good graphics, but not amazing.