New LittleBigPlanet Video

There is a mini-boss fight at the end.

pharmd5617d ago

hell yeah, at first i wasnt very interested, but i know i'll be logging some hours on this badboy, plus its something the old lady will play too!!!

badz1495617d ago

and I want it NOW!! Damn the sackboy is cute!!

daveman35617d ago

this game offers far more than i ever thought it did before

Mainman5617d ago

The development studio, Media Molecule, is it a Sony studio?
Is it a first party studio for Sony or are they just making LBP exclusive to Sony's platform?

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Real gamer 4 life5617d ago

interesting how people claim microsoft won e3, but i have yet to see any microsoft exclusive game being talked about. So far we have seen killzone, infamous, little big planent and narotu.

Chad Warden5617d ago

Lol Microsoft didn't announce any exclusives. Why? They have none.

Most people will tell you that Sony won E3. MAG, GOW 3, and Resistance 2 stole the show. Too bad they didn't show the Killzone 2 multiplayer. I really can't help but laugh at Sony sometimes. They're so stupid.

badz1495617d ago

I don't think that Sony is stupid! the statistic presentation using LBP? I think no one expected that and I truly think that it was damn creative and adorable! taking 2 in one shot - presentation and LBP demonstration!

then, why should they hyped KZ2 over and over again? they've announced and showed a lot of KZ2 in the previous event earlier this year! the game is already 'talking' for itself and I think it was a good decision by Sony to present other games like MAG and PSP version of Resistance and confirmed about Infamous and GoW3! KZ2 will be out February next year but LBP and Resistance 2 and Motorstorm 2 will be out this year! so, I think it's smart to promote and concentrate to the near release games 1st and move on to the next one later on! they still have plenty of time for KZ2!

I bet if Sony include KZ2 in the conference, people will also say the presentation is boring and sony is overhyping KZ2 or nothing new or...whatever to flame! I think that Sony's was the best of E3 compared to the other 2!

Angelitos5617d ago (Edited 5617d ago )

hmmmmmmmm, cant bribe to steal this exclusive

This is something I wrote:

I'm going straight to the point about the FF13 multiplatform case:

It ruined the SONY relationship

It disappointed many fans

SONY depended on them to make a great game, to help improve the sales and reptutation of the PS3

Exclusives that tend to go Multi looses interests

Ruined the Playstation exclusive trademark

Becoming like Capcom(no need for further explanation)

Gave one less reason to own a PS3, which it was the PS2 and PS1 that gave Square Enix where they are now.

Showed they cared more about money than loyalty

Slowing down the FF13 Verses development

May question themselves about the storage space and specs they are using when developing FF13

They are looking to seem to betraying another company(like when they ditched Nintendo)

Gave something the Xbox fanboys to cheer and make fun of to the Sony fanboys

Making themselves look foolish when they made statements like, "We are arent looking forward for Final Fantasy games on different platforms". " The PS3 suits Final Fantasy 13".

Made another foolish statement saying it was to reduce the fanboyism, and yet, Last Remnant is a 360 timed exclusive, Infinite Discovery and Star Ocean are 360 exclusives.

And other foolish statement when they said FF13 multi was becuase of the install base, but then why is FF13 verses a PS3 exclusive? hmmmmm

miked8085617d ago

LBP looks absolutely Boring. But whatever floats your boat.

RonDeMuerte5617d ago

hahahaha those three seconds showing that little sackboy using the PS controller just slaughtered any potential that the new Wii Live could've had....

Thoas5617d ago

Its all about user created content, but you wouldn't know about that on the Xbox 360 LOL you guys cant even get mods for UTIII.

leila015617d ago

I want this game so much.

snakeater35617d ago

hmmm a gamer girl ? thats weird :P