Star Wars: Battlefront will connect Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens

Here at Star Wars Celebration, EA is showing off its upcoming gameStar Wars: Battlefront, and we really like what we’ve seen thus far. But while the game largely exists in the world of the original trilogy, a free piece of downloadable content announced today will connect J.J. Abrams’ film with the originals in a very direct way — and gives us some new clues about the world ofThe Force Awakens.

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dreamed2218d ago

This game looks good,shame it will be broken & unplayable at launch......

Immorals2218d ago

They released 1 game broken. One game.

I'm sure the force is strong with Dice!

Bansai2218d ago

no singleplayer, no buy.

OrangePowerz2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

BF3 also had plenty of issues when it came out. BF4 was just even more broken.


There will be singleplayer missions. Did you enjoy the BF3 and BF4 campaigns so much that you are sad that DICE doesnt spend ressources on a campaign and instead focused on MP?

NuggetsOfGod2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

2 games broken dude.

If they really want to kill this online game they should use rockstar servers lol

Don't care about campaign. Dice going back to that old bf Quality?

But I hope pc is lead platform and dx12 is used.

Gazondaily2218d ago

Seeing as you can see in the future, can you tell me next week's lottery numbers?

Oh and who wins in the fight, Pacquaio or Mayweather?

Seriously man, lets stop the typical e-we-whinging now?

3-4-52217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Battlefield 1,2,3 & Bad company 1,2 all worked fine.

BF4 launched iffy for some, but even for me, on PC, day one I had ZERO problems.

In fact me and all my friends and my brother, we never had a BF4 problem via PC, so maybe it was console.

* So basically they hit a double or triple every time up, but this last time they struck out, and now you want them to be demoted or traded ?

Over one at bat ?

Your not a deep thinker are you ?

* It's Star Wars......all the people making the game are holding themselves to a higher standard.

why? Because it's their favorite childhood memory that they are responsible for making awesome.

Nobody wants to be the people to screw that up.

They are also getting all the help they can get via lucas films.

Thatguy-3102218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

it can't connect if it doesn't have a campaign. Hopefully they aren't trying to force a story like Titanfall through the playable matches. I don't think it works well because there isn't much depth to the context. If they wanted the game to connect then they should have had a story campaign to begin with. Seeing the lack there of I doubt the connection will be as big. Just sounds like a PR statement to me so people can get the game before watching the movie.

OB1Biker2218d ago

Somehow I dont get why people want a 'story'
We know the story and setting is fantastic. Just need gameplay that so many gamers here claim is what matters in any game

elazz2218d ago

Battlefront 2 had a campaign but you just replayed some story elements from the movies.

I think the singleplayer/co-op offline/online will be similar after hearing reactions from the event.

I could be mistaken though

Rute2218d ago

I wonder if the lava field stage shown in the SW Battlefront trailer is actually from Force Awakens.

T2X2218d ago

Well, this will be interesting. I'll be willing to bet that the game will have several large scale DLCs which will most likely include space battles etc and maybe flesh out a bit of the story. But, seeing as we pretty much know the story, I can see them sort of skipping over some things. Lack of space combat seems weird to me though as I would have thought that would be a major feature most people wanted to see. Otherwise, I'm in. As I said before, this will be interesting. BTW, the movie trailer looked fantastic! Yes, I'm a nerd.

BC_Master_Haze2218d ago

I'm guessing they're going to use missions for a little back story or something. They put split screen in!! :D that's what I'm most stoked for, hopefully it won't be share play blocked

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