The Most Surprising & Disappointing Omissions From Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

Endsights editor Art Green writes:

"Over the past two days, the three console manufacturers all laid out their vision for 2008 - and beyond. In this article, I'm not here to evaluate each of the three press conferences (though, that will be coming in a later article), instead, I'm here to nitpick, bitch and moan, and generally be a bastard about the omissions from the press conferences that either surprised me, or chapped my ass.

The first company who presented, Microsoft, is the first company I'll start off with:"

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Angelitos3744d ago

Sony doesnt bribe to steal exclusives, right Poor Xbots?

Hydrolex3744d ago

I have 5 dead Xbox 360s in my home. I'm waiting for the 6th to break and buy a new one.

Don't call me poor anymore

juuken3744d ago

...Hydro, are you serious?
Please tell me that was dripping with sarcasm. Good God, if I had something that broke like that, it would out the freakin' window.

Hydrolex3744d ago

Console Failure WAR !!

YESSSSSSSSSSS to all haters

dannyhinote_133744d ago

I personally enjoyed the Microsoft press conference, but I'm completely bummed that they didn't announced anything new about Alan Wake. Game looks rad...but it's going into DNF territory with how long it's takin' them. :P

decapitator3744d ago

ALAN WAKE...where the hell is ALAN WAKE Microsoft ? If we don't hear any information about the game this year, I will start to loose faith.

Silver3603744d ago

too human demo was bad I stopped thinking his opinion might be valid. I loved the demo so ego he has no taste

Drekken3744d ago

Do they have those anymore?

deeznuts3744d ago

They have 2nd party titles, which are good enough. It's the new first/second party titles that were dissappointing.

Fox013744d ago

who cares if the title is 1st party or 3rd party? As far as they keep coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.