Visual Studio for Game Development: New Partnerships with Unity, Unreal Engine and Cocos2d

Today, Microsoft is taking support for game development in Visual Studio forward in a big way through collaborations with three of the premier independent gaming engine providers: Unity Technologies, Epic Games, and Chukong Technologies

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TheCommentator2343d ago

Good news! Independent development just got a whole lot better.

ninsigma2343d ago

That's awesome, I love visual studio as an IDE and Unity is a great Game dev platform but I'm not a fan of the mono develop IDE that comes with it. Writing the game scripts in VS for Unity would brilliant.

rainslacker2343d ago

You can already write your scripts in VS in Unity. You have to set up which compiler to use in the settings, but if you select VS it will automatically go to VS when you click on a script, and then when you edit and save it, it will update automatically in Unity. you can leave VS studio open in the background, and it is pretty quick.

VS also offers debugging and real time code syntax reference and completion like it does for standard programs within VS which makes it much better than Unity's built in script manager.

ninsigma2343d ago

Nice, never realised!
The dubugging ability is definitely something I was missing when using unity!!

rainslacker2343d ago

No doubt. Unity has come a long way in the last 5-6 years compared to it's early releases. Only downside to the VS component was that sometimes when using C# code, if you tried to use certain features of the language it would say it was OK, but wouldn't actually run. Most of those things though weren't suitable for most games, like reflection for instance.

I can say that the use of VS and Unity is how I learned most of C# though. The rest I just picked up along the way.:)

ninsigma2342d ago

So it was kind of a basic teathering for them by the sounds of that but now it seems it's going to have full support.

C# is by far my favourite coding language. I learned it on the fly while I was doing my placement then used it in unity (with mono) for my last project in college.
Now I use it all the time at work so I'm fairly happy with that! Though I never new how much of a pain config files were before I started xD

If you've ever used c++ (especially for game dev) I'm sure you understand the joy it is to use c# xD

rainslacker2342d ago

I don't know about tethering. It acted as a script editor for Unity and saved the files that Unity uses to run it's code.

I do like C# for a lot of things, and Mono is almost identical in both form and syntax.

The reason it would show unity script as proper C# code in VS though is because of the framework which can run that code. Technically, you could use those things within Unity's build, but it wouldn't be ideal due to the demands on the processor and the memory to do things like reflection.

This current thing sounds like it's just expanding what it has offered in Unity for a while not into UE4 and Cocos2D, which is quite good IMO.

Otherwise, I use C++ now for work, or straight C in some cases. C# is certainly easier to write and read, but C# is a very high level language for games. Unity gets away with it due to stripping out unnecessary code from the framework, and doing a special build where the framework runs within the game itself instead of as a translator run by the OS.

If I had to pick one as a preference for general work though, I'd likely pick C# since I have a ton of personal libraries and tools built to manage all sorts of stuff that has rather bloated libraries within the MS libraries.

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rainslacker2343d ago

Visual Studio has been available to use for coding in Unity for quite some time now, and it's much better than the built in coding tools. It's been available non-natively for coding in Unreal for a while as well, but when I used it, the plug in for VSS wasn't all that sophisticated and made it no better than the built in compiler.

Really surprised about cocos2D support so maybe this means that cocos will come to windows phone soon, which would be awesome.