Here's Exactly When The Witcher 3 Xbox One, PS4, PC Unlocks

Gamespot spoke with CD Projekt Red today and confirmed that all The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt digital copies will unlock at 1 AM CET on May 19. This translates to 4 PM PDT / 7 PM EDT on May 18 for gamers in the United States.

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Griever2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Man, why make us wait a whole month!!?? The game has gone gold, discs are being manufactured and they can probably be shipped to stores within this month. Please move the release date forward. Please, have mercy. The wait is too much too bare! I cant! I am going crazy for this game! I want to play it so bad! Give it to me!!!

Stapleface2343d ago

Normally I would agree but I need a little more time to finish up a few more games before I lose my life to TW3. I doubt I'll be playing much else for a while after release.

bloop2343d ago

Same here!! I'm finishing up AC:U at the moment, have Dragon Age sitting on my hdd not even started yet AND I've yet to get my hands on Bloodborne either. With this coming and then Batman just around the corner I wish I could stop time to finish my backlog.

TheFirstClassic2342d ago

I agree, I'm about 20 hours in the witcher 2 right now, definitely want to finish that up and then have a little break from the series.

ninsigma2343d ago

Keeping the original release date lets them put more into the day 1 patch.

Sensiblesteve2343d ago

Will have a big patch on release with tweaks that's why

maybelovehate2343d ago

I don't know exactly why but I could never get into the first two. I am going to try again though, because it looks amazing.

Khajiit862343d ago

I couldnt get into 1 because the first time I tried it, it was really dated. I could see why 1 is so great just imagining what it was like when it was first out, but 2 on the other hand is one of my favorite games of all time.

TheFirstClassic2342d ago

The first is a bit awkward to play when you first try it, but if you give it some time it becomes one of the most engrossing games ever.

Adexus2343d ago

1 month to go! And then 2 days after that is my birthday... I know what I'll be doing for it...

Khajiit862342d ago

and then about a month after that... Arkham Knight

Adexus2342d ago

Won't have a life for a while!

bananaboats2343d ago

Between this, Neverwinter and HoW, I wont have time for real life