Sony: Copying others 'the worst thing we could do'

After Microsoft claimed that the introduction of Xbox Live avatars was a much fresher approach than the competition, Sony said Wednesday that Home is on track and trying to copy others is not its plan for the PlayStation 3.

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chaosatom3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

*misleading title and taken out of context*

Microsoft "Xbox Live avatars was a much fresher approach than the competition"

There are saying avatars > home and Mii.

*face palm*

Edit: Yeah, but they look like Mii characters. How can they be fresher than Mii Character???

@ucantbanme. Oh ok, ic what you mean.

ucantbanme3841d ago

How are they wrong?
It depends on what they mean by fresher? Fresher = newer
Home is a lot like 2nd life. I know no one will admit it but it is. It's like 2nd life with clan support built into it.

What MS is doing is a bit different. it's not as much as a full fledge product as Home but it is a bit more unique thanks to the integrated gameshows and prizes.

iamtehpwn3841d ago

this gen.
Microsoft has been copying the entire way.

xhairs93841d ago

Lmfao, it's been done go look at you Mii. Oh there's a house in the dashboard pic you say? So what it's still a meeting place. Yeah HOME is a lot like 2nd Life and that's what its intentions were to be. However saying Mii's Revamped are Fresher & Newer is complete BS.

ucantbanme3841d ago

Disagree if you like but I think if you are talking then the 360 advatar and it's uses are the fresher of the two. It takes the Mii and adds Home function and will be out before it.

Home feels like it took Secondlife..added media sharing abilities and a meeting place for clans. Is there anything else that's different than 2nd life or games like it.

littletad3841d ago

Very wrong and misleading. First, I know you said this generation but let's backtrack just a bit. Sony copied rumble and analog form Nintendo. Both Psn and the Wii Channel are imitations at their attempt to make something similar to Live for gamers.

The Mii's? Let's be honest here, Nintendo hasn't added anything to the Mii's since launch. No customization, no add-ons, no upgrades. Zip, nothing. All that they might have previously done to further customize that has been long forgotten since they discovered the casual crowd.

The Sixaxis? Oh geeze, well it's obviously a last minute feature added or it was really designed years ago or so Sony says. Either way, it flatters the Wii-mote.

If Nintendo isn't going to capitalize on their Mii's then Microsoft went on to offer something better and similar. Case closed. As for Home, well let's just wait and see.

Fox013841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Sony tried to copy the Wiimote with the sixaxis, but failed, they copied Xbox, buy integrating a HDD in every PS3... they're trying to copy Live at the moment (and they're badly failing at it), they copied achievements and called it "Trophy"...

so Sony should shut the hell up, coz everyone copies everyone that's how it is (Iphone,Ipod... everyone's copying them now). At least Microsoft's a good copy-cat; they take something from somebody else and make it far better. PEACE.

Fox013841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

I hope Microsoft creates their own studio and copy Zelda, Mario (kart...), God of War... so that I won't have to waste money on buying multiple consoles.

Not a Fanboy, just a gamer. I go where the games take me.

Megatron083841d ago

They dont copy ? Guess he forgot about how they copy xbl, motion control, achivements, the guide button, and releasing their system with 2 sku and that was after saying how dumb MS was for releasing 2 sku for the 360. Now they are sit to rip off sims/2nd life. Ya sony would never copy anything lol

Light Yagami3841d ago

Thats the only thing Microsoft knows what to do

Panther527993841d ago

sony has copied xbox live, the number 1 online service, as much as they could! nuff said

AlienGorilla3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Some of these arguments are just pathetic....

Everybody copies everybody else.

Xbox avatars are clearly a ripoff or the Miis.
Trophies are clearly a ripoff of Achievements.
This list can go on forever. If one company comes up with an idea that works, other companies will try to improve on it. That's just the way it is.


Sony did not copy Xbox by adding an HDD to their console. That's stupid to say. That is just the direction the industry is going in (bar the wii).

And why is PSN a ripoff of Live? Because it offers online play?

I just don't get fanboys, just enjoy your consoles and shut up!!!
Every fanboy is just pissed because they don't have the other console, it's as simple as that. It's one thing to have preference (I prefer my PS3 over my 360) but it's another thing to be fanatical. Get a life guys.


Clearly you are a fanboy. If you went where the games take you you'd get the consoles those games you listed are one and not just wish MS ripped them off for the 360.

EDIT: I get where you're coming from. The fact that you can't afford a PS3/360 doesn't make you seem like a fanboy. It's the fact that the one console you do own (360) you praise blindly and bash the ones that you don't own. The 360, PS3, and Wii all have falws.

Fox013841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

"Clearly you are a fanboy. If you went where the games take you you'd get the consoles those games you listed are one and not just wish MS ripped them off for the 360"

I'm a gamer, but I'm also a college student, I've got bills and etc... I'll rather have all games on one console than having to buy all 3 of them.

I had a PS3, but sold it, coz all the games I wanted where both on the 360 and the PS3 and since I made more friends on the 360 (LIVE+Headset)it wasn't a difficult choice.

I wanted to keep the console for FFXIII though, but I thought I would buy another one when FFXIII comes out. oh snap.

Wolf8733841d ago

well sorry to bust your bubble but Sony did mention some time ago that their plans were to introduce some sort of social interaction between players in the days PS-1 (in form of chatting if I remember correctly), which never got through. And soon after XBL came along, they knew they had to get serious about online capability. And please don't make M$ look any more innocent, what its doing in copying department is more than what Sony did in 10 years.

Ju3841d ago

Well, yeah, everybody copies everybody. I agree. With maybe a little exception, that if M$ does it, its a blatant rip off. They don't even care to make it look different, and even try to sell it as their own innovative idea. That's what pisses me off.

Sony denies to copy. Who cares, I don't believe them anyway. But still, if they do, their stuff has their own notion. I mean, a Sixaxis is still a PS controller pad, not a Wii controller-a-like. The PSN is integrated into its own environment, using the XMB. Home is still directly related to PlayStation content. Trophies are within the XMB context, etc.

M$ OTHO cloned the Mii's to 90%, gave them some arms and legs, and up'd the polycount. The menu looks like Mii meet XMB and "borrow" some covers from IPod/IPhone. Singstar, aehem, "Lips" (lips ?), Buzz, aehem SceneIt, ?? If I wouldn't have seen that video and would have known it ran in an MS context, I would have sworn, I'd have seen a Singstar commercial.

I don't say they cloned the XMB; which in fact they did (vertical/horizontal menu selection scheme), and that's OK. The new menu uses these concepts and makes something new out of it, but the rest ? Come on. They basically changed the whole appearance of the machine, which makes me think: Did they believe their previous concept was so sh.tty ?

Fox013841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

who said they copied XBL? In fact they're trying but they can't even do it right.

I really don't know why it took Sony more than a year to release the 2.41 update (it doesn't even have a real in-game XMB), while it took Msft just a few months to completely revamp their dashboard, with new features...

And why can't you customize your soundtrack on the PS3?? Even the Original Xbox could do that!

bruiser813841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

@ 1.16
the reason that you cant customize your music the way you can on an xbox system is because MS patented that technology. It not that they cant do it technically, they cant do it legally

edit: read it a while ago, will try and post a link
edit2: there you go

hamburgerhill3841d ago

Please provide a link to this claim. I don't think it has anything to do with that but if you have a link that would help understand this better.

hamburgerhill3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

thanks for the link..Its true

HateFanboys3841d ago

Live is just going online, been done on the PC eons ago. And both Sega and Nintendo, had been talking about online gaming since the days of 16-bit. Anybody remember Tele-Genesis Modem or X-Band, or how bout the DC modem? or the GC one? i mean come on people! And do youse know why none of those companies (Nintendo, Sega and even Sony) didnt do it all out? because they couldnt figure out how to make money out of it. Then MS came along and shameless as they are just outright charged you to go online. And most console owners being the idiots and fanboys that they are paid for it. That's why MS push it the hardest cuz they felt that would be the thing that sets them apart from the other guys and they werent afraid to charge for it. And they needed something to seperate them from the others, cuz they where the newcomers up against gaints like Nintendo and Sony. Analog sticks were on the Atari joysticks. Rumble was already on the PC and arcade, motion sensing was on the Power Glove and so on and so on.

And Fox01 you are a fanboy, get off MS nuts. They all bit, but MS does seem to be the worst. And what they cant bite and beat they outright try to buy. These are not good business practices, but rather the acts of a monopolzing entity, its the MS way

Sayai jin3841d ago

@Wolf873-Actually Sony only got serious about online play a few years ago not when XBL was intoduced. Even during the days of the PS2 Sony is qouted as saying there was no future in online gaming/ it was a gimmick.

On Topic, if you see your competitior offering a service or feature and consumers demand it, then you make something similiar, but try to impprove on it.

RemmM3841d ago

I understand that Microsoft wants to reinvent a new dashboard system with the 360 this is because X Box Live is not evolving much. So they need to take a risk to bring in more groups, different groups.

thebudgetgamer3841d ago

can you do anything with the avatars or do they just stand there

Bloodwar3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Your quote: "And most console owners being the idiots and fanboys that they are paid for it."

Just because people pay for a service doesnt make them idiots and fanboys, you a$$hole. I guess everyone who pays to play World of Warcraft or every other MMORPG is a fanboy/girl, you deuche.

We pay 50 bucks a year for Live. WoW and Conan:Hyborian Adventures Players pay over 150 dollars a year to play each of those games. Doesn't make them a fanboy/girl for paying for WOW. I have a WoW account, a Conan account, and Xbox Live. I pay for all those services because I am a gamer, you idiot. I couldn't care less anymore what happens to my account here on N4G, you are living proof of what makes this site so sickening some times, you Fanboy... you hate yourself, now do us all a favor and kill yourself. And all of the Sony fanboys who are hitting every person with a disagree because they are shedding some saddening truths about the Playstation need to get a life. Go multi console so you can shut your traps. Seriously.

And those of you who feel as though Sony is the little innocent company that would Never buy a company, think again. Sony purchased a little studio called Verant, which happens to be the brainchild behind a small game with a monthly fee, known as Everquest and its sequal, Everquest 2. Verant was a spinoff of 989 Studios. When Sony bought that game, it went downhill. Here we are, myself included, paying our monthly fee of 9 to 12 dollars a month depending on the subscription plans we chose and then Sony releases a 50 dollar expansion pack every 6 months, it felt like. Talk about raping your userbase. Blizzard found a way to release a gigantic world with a butt load of quests and lots of land to explore without having to release an expansion every six months to further pillage its user base.

Sony is as greedy as Microsoft... its just that the Sony crowd doesn't see that because they are playing a free online console and obviously hadn't heard of Everquest, and all of the other MMO's Sony develops.

Those of us paying for Xbox Live know that Microsoft is working around the clock to ensure we get the next great feature out there... even if it is some idea that belongs to someone else and it looks as though we are going to get our features before Home is actually complete. Damn, I am glad I pay 50 bucks a year for Live. It means MS has the money up front to work out the kinks within Live and make it better and better every patch.


oh yeah well how about this then!!!!!
nintendo, microsoft, sony, sega, atari, etc.. all copied the MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY. Thats right, they all copied the idea of creating a video game console. and they all copied the idea of connecting them to a tv. Come on guys, if you are going to have an argument of who copied who, make it relevant. not, "ohh you copied me because i had internet first" or "i used the rumble first".
*sigh* fanboys.

HateFanboys3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

"I couldn't care less anymore what happens to my account here on N4G, you are living proof of what makes this site so sickening some times, you Fanboy... you hate yourself, now do us all a favor and kill yourself."

Stop b!tching you little b!tch! You sound like a whiny little b!tch. And i see you cant take it either.

"Those of us paying for Xbox Live know that Microsoft is working by around the clock to ensure we get the next great feature out there... even if it is some idea that belongs to someone else and it looks as though we are going to get our features before Home is actually complete. Damn, I am glad I pay 50 bucks a year for Live. It means MS has the money up front to work out the kinks within Live and make it better and better every patch."

What a sucker you are, that's right keep being happy being ripped off MS you chump! you fanboy! Listen to you, its obvious you're a fanboy, you're so in love with the idea of paying for it, like paying for cross game chat and cross invites is really worth $50 a year. You're an idiot. Grow up you little kid

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NewSchoolGamer3841d ago

at MS' comment about avatars being "fresher"

BulletToothtony3841d ago

I'm sure this will start to change in the next few years because MS knows that, and that's why they're starting to invest in their 1st party development.

Maybe and hopefully in the next few years will see MS coming out with a bunch of 1st party new ideas, but until then nintendo and sony still have the crown of gaming... If they wouldn't had shown all the multiplatform games they would've shown only 2 games, lips and geow2, that's not enough to win this console war.

Codeman4203841d ago

i thought it was funny how MS said they were innovating the industry. or something around those lines. when all they are doing is copying other companies for their own ideas.

Yea real innovation there MS.

But, all thee companies will copy each other. they will just add something different to the mix. like the trophy system and hopefully home integration with it.

Codeman4203841d ago


Hell the only thing i saw from MS as far as First party goes is 3 hardcore games the rest a casual. Sony Mostly First party Hardcore games: R2, KZ2, MAG, Ratchet and clank(not really hardcore but some may see it that way), and of course GoW3.

Drekken3841d ago

actually, maybe, hopefully in the next few years MS will go back to what they know and make a good windows... cause they arent cutting it in the gaming world. They have really stunted "next-gen" development.

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Bladestar3841d ago

not a plan but they still do it... are you going to tell me that trophies are not a copy of achievements? They practically just change the name... how about features like ingame XMB?

chaosatom3841d ago

They said that they are not copying avatars, nothing about achievements or live.

ash_divine3841d ago


maybe they are not like Square Enix, maybe they actually wanna please there fanbase.

besides in-game XMB and trophies were demanded so much that they really had no choice but to create them.

Hydrolex3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

""" Fail """

I hope they don't try to copy BOEING because they kill 1000 people everyday and they get sued left and right.


Lol you are flying an Xboeing 360 and the pilot says, Ladies and Gentelman we got 3 engines off, Fasten your seat belts and call for JESUS

power of Green 3841d ago

You dipshit Sony saying: " Copying others...the worst thing we could do"

Means Sony is saying we're above that no matter what the context. lol

If Somebody asked MSFT if they were going to copy Wii Motion controls and MSFT said "no we don't do that" does it matter what the context is?, it is still BS. lol

butterfinger3841d ago

I guess you have no reading comprehension skills, POG. He is clearly talking about the avatars in the article, but here you are not reading the article as usual.

Xiru3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

The fans wanted it and Sony delivered. Can you honestly say you wanted Avatars? The best part is when you say Sony copied in game XMB. What the heck is that new interface from MS? Looks like the cross media bar to me. So you are telling me Sony copied MS and then MS copied Sony? WTF?

Aquanox3841d ago

Come on Sony. Everyone in this generation has taken ideas from others and brought to their own System. Have you forgotten about how heavily critizised by an Ubisoft Exec for their me-too approach?

Link for the memories:

Not only the basically copied the whole Xbox Live concept but they also modified their "banana" controler introducing a last-minute controller with some kind of motion sensibility, just after Nintendo unveiled theirs.

Said this, I find this article truly laughable, especially when you have been following this generation closely.

Aquanox3841d ago

At a software level, some kind of "inspiration" is also taken from different developers. I was impressed of how much that huge monster in Resistance 2 resembles the Brumack of Gears of War 2... but bigger. Many have also pointed in the direction of COD4 after playing Killzone 2 and when Sony announced DC Universe online in this show, I couldn't help thinking of the Marvel Universe Online announcement back in 2006... exclusively for the Xbox 360.

I don't think anyone is in the position of talking about "copying each other" at this point.

Pain3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Sony did in game XMB cuz EVERYONE SCREAMED B!TCHED AND MONED and Most Likely where the Xbots playing and constantly comparing it to Xbox/Live.

And Reinventing achievements in the form of Trophies is Soooooooooo much better its not even Copying, and Demanded like in-game XMB at times.

So U Fail 100% like you Mom did at Keeping the Crack out of her vain's since u a well... a Brain dead crack baby.. same goes for PoG

Kleptic3841d ago

some of you are taking this out of context...this was a discussion based on Tretton being asked what he thought about these 'avatars' MS introduced on Monday...

Home is unrivaled in terms of scope and vision...while its ridiculously ambitious, which is making it all the more likely to delayed yet again, its not a tacked on feature of the PS3...this is obviously something SCE has plans on working with for the next several generations...

also...yeah the sixaxis stuff was a ripoff...copying features because PS3 owners asked for them is not though...most PS3 updates are clearly based on input from various channels of Sony's it the official forums, emails, or the official game xmb was being wasn't Sony sitting around saying "what can we ripoff of xbl this month?"...

where some of you are really getting off course though is looking at the overall picture...and what Sony is trying to do for its user base...While MS has run around and made sure that every big franchise from last generation, save one, is available on their platform for this has been investing in 1st party games, content, services, and community features that WILL go unmatched by Microsoft...they have no counter for Home...if Home is really a success, and works relatively well by the end of this will be a major focal point for future works for all different types of gamers...

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Omega43841d ago

-in-game xmb
-custom soundtrack
-guide buttom on controller
-internal hard drive
-video store on home console

Just a few of the many innovations Sony copied from MS

staub913841d ago

Did you seriously just accuse Sony of copying Xbox's hard drive....

That is ridiculous.

Codeman4203841d ago

ok the internal harddrive really wasnt MS idea at the time either. I mean it was but ti wasnt. the PS2 had a internal HDD if you got FF11 so the PS2 was really the first system to have a internal HDD. the xbox 1 was the fist to use it for other than one game.

ash_divine3841d ago

just because the 360 came out first people forget the fact that both consoles were in development at the same time. so how the [email protected] did Sony steal the guide button idea. when adding features to your next console, you're pulling from the same bag of new technology, ever think that they may have both liked the idea of guide button.

and PS: since when did Microsoft invent the internal hard drives.

DJ3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

They're similar to Achievements in that you complete in-game tasks for a reward of some kind, but the Trophy system is complete unique in that gamers get an additional reward for completing all tasks within a game. On top of that, different trophies raise our Gamercard levels to different degrees.

Being able to access your OS from within a game was copied. But without it, we'd be back in the dark ages on PS3. Custom soundtracks were copied. Guide buttons? If you want to get technical, Sony's E3 2005 conference was before Microsoft's, and Sony showed their new boomerang controller (with a guide button) before Microsoft got a chance to just a few hours later. But then again, DirecTV has had a guide button forever, so I guess Sony stole from them, etc.

Internal hard drive was copied from the PS2. (f*ckin' Sony, copying themselves). And an online video store! I have no clue who invented that idea, but it certainly wasn't Microsoft or Sony.

Omega43841d ago

clearly you guys misunderstood me i meant an internal harddrive as standard for all consoles, not just one game and they were the first to do it with a "console".

Funny how you cant comment on the other stuff lol!!

But MS did copy one thing from sony and the PS2...having the best AAA exclusives and multiplatfrom games so i guess both are as bad as each other :)

Jack Bauer3841d ago

FF11 on PS2 first came out in may of 2002 vs the xbox in november of was before it.

venomcarnage893841d ago

funniest thing about the "hdd for all consoles as standard" The 360 didnt have a harddrive as standard for all consoles at launch and still doesnt!!
Oh and honestly if you wanna call out sony for copying the guide button, i might as well call out microsoft for copying tv remotes for being able to turn on the damn tv like the 360 controller.

Drekken3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Some of those things might have been on the other consoles... but it is more like Sony is listening to the fans and giving us what we want. Basically everything we have asked for we have received or will receive shortly. You cant create a masterpiece in one day...

When MS jumped out of the gate early with the 360, Sony had no choice but to finalize whatever features they had ready for launch. MS really shafted Sony and gamers when they did that. Its pretty sad you MS supporters do not see this.

nbsmatambo3841d ago

i found it funny how u wrote internal hard drive, considering some 360's don't even have 1 -.-'

Omega43841d ago

your right the 360 doesnt have a HDD as standard which does make MS look like it went backwards, but can you really blame them for leaving it out when not one developer (i think) used the harddrive to a make better games with the Xbox.

Rice3841d ago

well..i dont think Sony copied microsoft when your talking about tropies, in-game xmb, custom soundstracks, since ps3 owners demanded that, ever since day 1 owners complained about having all those stuff. With Microsoft, i dont think 360 owners demanded their own Mii and Home like feature, and im pretty sure 360 owneers complained about their own version of Singstar...(lips)

GarandShooter3841d ago

@ Omega4

Achievements copied Madden Cards and applied them to a console instead of a game.

In game XMB - can your 360 access the dashboard from inside a game because mine can't - all I can get is my gamercard blade.

Custom soundtrack/video store - old news on PC.

Guide button controller - that's laughable - they copied the 'x' button from the PS1 controller.

HDD on every console - explain 'Arcade'.

Zune = iTunes and iPod ripoff, Windows = Apple GUI ripoff, etc., etc. ad nauseum.

I hate when fanboys make me shower the hate on a console I enjoy, but it is my life's destiny to stamp out douche-bag-ism wherever I find it.

Sevir043840d ago

XMB in-game access is not on the 360, if you said ingame communication then i could see the copying, in game XMB entails the complete usage of the PS XMB system, video, music games display and all, so that arguement lies dead

as dj said trophies aren't on the 360 as they have no way of classifying the worth of each, hence sony's award system is more refined. if you said they copied an award system atkin to MS's that would have been more substancial, because they are in essence in game award systems for completing game criterias.

guide botton on the D-pad, even nintendo has one on the Wii, also as DJ said the guide button was revealed at Sony's Press Con on the Boomerang Control hours before MS's Con many at E3 2005, we could be idiot fanbois and say MS copied but we know thats dumbcause the both companies are foward thinkers and wanted access to the home menus both consoles would be offering once the machines launched respectfully. another argument rendered foolish as fanboi banter.

In game access to to music. yes, that was copied

internal HDDs sorry there but the PS2 was the one that beat it their, but it's funny because The PS2 and xbox both had HDDs standard. in all the consoles for that generation. i'm sure MS had it's goal of using it for the online features,

which is why this is another mute, the console had HDD from launch, just only one title used it.

Video store on the home console, just because MS got it first implemented doesnt mean Sony Copied it. from what i've read, since 2006 and early 2007, Sony has has said that offering movies and videos online would be he next thing to do because digital download is forward moving, Both MS and Sony echoed this at both their E3 presentations 2 years ago. so MS being on the Next gen market 1 year before game them the opportunity to bring it to their user base before Sony made it availible, the 2 of them were heading the same direction in terms of offering digital content on the hub systems. so again Mute... this copying rubbish needs to eng. it's getting pointless each have done something well for the industry, lets keep the sensless banter of comparing apples to oranges

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power of Green 3841d ago

Yet the PS3 at its core is based on the Xbox/360's design.

What PS3 can and will do is based from the 360's design, I'm not talking about decades old idea I'm talking about this generation.

How do you say such a thing when your spotlight was grounded in MSFT's ideas releasing another one of MSFT's ideas a week before?. lol

Obama3841d ago

How is the ps3 based on the 360 design when it has more features. Besides, if it really did copy the 360, then it would have a 33% of failure rate.

user8586213841d ago

hahaha how did sony copy the design??

its not loud
doesn't use cheap plastic
show a red light wen its gona die

juuken3841d ago

You're an even bigger dumbass. >:|

dkgshiz3841d ago

Are you taking about applejacks or something else, half the time the 360 is red, from the red rings of death. Power of green, haha what a joke.

dkgshiz3841d ago

Are you talking about applejacks or something else, half the time the 360 is red, from the red rings of death. Power of green, haha what a joke.

Solid_Snake6663841d ago

the xbox makes a good toaster

power of Green 3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

PS3 has:

* Has an HDD
* Guide access through controller
* Video Marketplace
* Imitating Xbox Live service
* XBL Arcade-like DL games
* console pay system
* Friends lists
* Acheivments
* Ingame inferface functions
* Interface
* SKU's on market
* Gamer score out side any one game
* Console online multi player
* Video service
* Console themes
* Home(PC was doing much of what console are doing now decades ago)
*Ingame music(trying)

The list goes on I'm sure there is more I just don't really care about PS3 unless its pressence is forced on me.

Pay attention you rabid fuc lol.

Bits-N-Kibbles3841d ago

POG... Your tears taste so sweet!

Drekken3841d ago

POG I wish to God you would stop bubbling yourself up. You are a flaming idiot. Its people like you and your 30 accounts ruining this site. You say the stupidest, repetitive B$ ever.

The specs for both systems were known around the same time and the Playstation is built NOTHING like the 4 year old architecture provided inside of your gift from heaven. Get over yourself and the 360 turd.

butterfinger3841d ago

the PS3 is NOT based on the XBOX 360 "at its core". Everything you mentioned except for HDD (which Sony made standard in all consoles and didn't price gouge their supporters by putting out EXTREMELY overpriced versions of their own HDD out) was software-based, and we all know that Microsoft is only a software company. Sony, in turn, is a hardware company. Sony may have taken some of MS' functionality and improved on it, but at the end of the day the hardware is still far superior and the PS3's potential is far from tapped (unlike the 360). It's very clear that Microsoft jumped into this with a head start and had no plans on continuing for more than 4 or 5 years, when Sony made their system something that we will hold onto for maybe a decade. When I made my purchase, I went for quality, not in-game music. You also failed to mention that every thing Sony "takes" from Microsoft, they improve upon.