Playstation bluetooth headset spotted, touched, pictured


"Remember that PlayStation-branded SOCOM Bluetooth headset we told you about a while ago? Not surprisingly, it's for real, and we spotted it in Sony's booth alongside SOCOM Confrontation here at E3. It looks to be a relatively nice unit, a bit bigger than your standard Bluetooth headset intended for phones, and the USB charger it comes with is clearly intended to hang out with your PS3. Sony points out that the headset sports a giant mute button for your in-game arguments with significant others, and battery time is promised to be "exceptional." They wouldn't tell us exactly how exceptional, but we'll believe them for now. Finally, they did confirm that you'll be able to pair this with your cellphone in case you want to show off your SOCOM love while away from your living room."

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C_SoL3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

So is this the official bluetooth headset for the PS3?

NegativeCreepWA3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

It has a PS emblem on it so I think it is. If not its the closest were going to get.

I think more exited about the mic than Socom itself. I don't like my bluetooth and I'm tired of using my bulky usb logitech mic.

kwicksandz3746d ago

Every time i play my buddys ps3 online no one talks! Feels like im playing vs bots sometimes.

80gb bc bundle with headset and hdmi cable sony.

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CaptainHowdy3747d ago

.......when's it coming out?

Drekken3747d ago

It is bundled with socom!

LevDog3747d ago

Blows my warhawk Jabra outta the water

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