Grab the new Mortal Kombat X plus Goro DLC for $20

SteamFirst: One of my all time favorite fighters, Mortal Kombat, is back in its tenth reincarnation as Mortal Kombat X. Just released this week, Mortal Kombat X is currently retailing for $59.99, but luckily for you, we have found it for much cheaper Steam fans. You can grab the full game plus Goro DLC for $20 bucks right now.

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loganbdh2255d ago

That's a hell of a deal, must buy!

Ripsta7th2255d ago

How da hell?!?
Is it because the PC crowd uncovered their DLC and now they want to keep them quiet?

LAWSON722254d ago

No global steam keys are cheap due to low prices in other countries

Skate-AK2255d ago

Damn. I think that price dropped quicker than DOA5.

acemonkey2255d ago

damn i got some codes lol

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