Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 41

Starcraft 2 Community Manager Karune posted the Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 41 which explains the mechanics behind the vespene gas, the Zerg Corruptor, the stats and build times for the Queen defensive buildings and Terran troop mobility among other topics.

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TheIneffableBob3747d ago

It's been over a month since batch #40. :o

Medievaldragon3747d ago

Q&A # 41 took this long because Karune was at the 2008 Paris Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals. I met him there. As he said at the forums, there are many fansites and gaming sites which offered a lot of Starcraft 2 info. Karune answered the fansites a lot of questions. Again, I was there when he was answering questions. I asked him a few.

Luca Blight3747d ago

I've already made up my mind to buy a new computer when SC2 comes out.

Tyrael3747d ago

im trying to put a build together as we speak, both for starcraft and diablo (and maybe to give crysis a go)