Playstation HOME: E3 2008 Developer Walkthrough

Get a look at the fun diversions players can enjoy while in the world of Home.

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SUP3R3745d ago

This looks so cool!
I can see once this opens up to the public you can have a lot of fun just chillin, chattin and playin with friends and random people.

staub913745d ago

I don't think I have ever witnessed something evolve like HOME has...

I mean if you look at the original footage then this. It makes it look like PS One.

Looks like the wait will pay off eventually.

sonarus3745d ago

When home finally launches if it is as sony promises i don't give a sh1t if live has netflix or avatars or whatever feature they say the have. Home makes psn superior to live end of story. No other game system can say they are offering something even close to this. Imagine the possibilities. The best part is that its free. Offcourse for it to work, all developers have to embrace it and not just first party devs

truth for gamers3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Honestly it looks pretty cool because it has great graphics but you have to wonder if it will hurt ps3 3rd party video game sales since alot of people will rather be in home than playing actual video games.

B-Rein3745d ago

hmmmmm, homw also shows off how god a gamer is at playing games, i think many users wud wanna show off how good gamers they are to other peeps and mates, that will be gettin them playin the games (ps u get 3d trophies in home plus that level thin mite be able to come use in home)

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totao3745d ago

yea it looks pretty damn cool...

KillahCam3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

I'm tired of trailers of Home just bring it out already, I believe Sony won E3 but they would have totally Pwned M$ and Nintendo if they would have just said Home Beta would be available on Thursday for Download!

juuken3745d ago

Did you expect this would be an easy project?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

How did they get that REAL(Looking)Water into the PS3 in HOME??? ;-D
WOW!!!(God i keep on saying that this week!) ;)
Looks coooooooooooooooool;)
When it comes it comes(so will i) ;-D (SORRY!!!) ;)

B-Rein3745d ago

Ken my friend that is only a fraction of the ps3s true power, and yes this is what the console was built for QUALITY!!!!

Kleptic3745d ago

this is getting kind of crazy...the visuals are better than a lot of major games (GTAIV for example)...that Uncharted room looked better than the actual game it seemed, which is saying something...

not that that is bad...but it makes sense why Sony is not at all focused on hand outs to 3rd parties...they are investing a PILE of money on 1st party games and community features...

It seems incredible so far...While the conference yesterday was somewhat underwhelming...the stuff they keep pumping out hour after hour is unrivaled...between how this, Killzone 2, motorstrom pr, and Resistance 2 are shaping up...I couldn't be happier...

oh and that video service is awesome...downloading child's play right now...haven't watched for like 15 for some films need to come down in price a little...but several hundred shows and movies right off the bat is pretty impressive...

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Nightblade3745d ago

This is very nice video montage of Playstation Home. While I too want this service to release very soon, you gotta think of all the time and effort they are putting into this. If they were to release it now half assed, Everyone would say "Oh they didn't live up to what they said" or "All this Hype for a glitchfest" something like that, and you all know what I am talking about when it comes to some people out there saying that stuff. But back on topic, this will definatly be great when they are finished with it. And I know they have been working on it for a longtime(2 years). But I am sure it will be even more amazing when it's finished, this is just the tip of the iceburg.

cool83745d ago

I was told they started developing home in 2002 originally planned as a ps2 extension,but that didn't happen. Its been a lot more than 2 years.

Overr8ed3745d ago

water looks Damn good. i glad for the delay looking good.

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