PS3 Worldwide Hardware Sales Pass 14 Million Mark

VGChartz data shows that the PS3 has now sold more than 14 million hardware units worldwide.
PS3 sales during the week ending 5th July pushed the PS3 over the 14 million milestone.

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Fisher3395811d ago

The PS3 from this time last year to now have shrunk the gap difference betweeen the 360 and ps3 from 6.6 million to 5.6 million


aceitman5811d ago

the 360 thats real scary for ms

chaosatom5811d ago

I really hope that Us ps3 base can catch up to xbox base because that's the only shortcoming.

vasilisk5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

Vgchartz is wrong. Microsoft's Greenberg already stated back in MAY that the difference was at 5 million consoles.
Greeneberg: "Today Xbox 360 has a 5-million-unit console sales lead on a global basis based on most recently public reported data from both companies." And the source:
Since then PS3 continues to outsell X360 worldwide (even in the US) so the difference is less then five million right now, closer to 4,2 million I would say

solidt125811d ago

They will catch up because great games keep coming out.

shine13965811d ago

@vasilisk. good spot...bubbles...

madestar5811d ago

hey how about microsoft telling how many actual xbox360 are working at this moment.. versus what how many ps3's are working now... facepalm

Bathyj5811d ago

Exactly Madestar.

I dont care how many XBoxes have shipped, tell us how many are in homes and working right now. M$ will NEVER release those numbers because they know their precious lead will be patheticaly small if we compared working unit numbers. Lets face it, then touting, "We're still in front overall" is all they have left.

At a kind guess if 20M are SOLD then at least 5M of those would be broken. (I'm being kind here) leaving 15M still surviving in the wild. Pesimist's (or even realist) would probably tell you it less that that since I only took 25% off for RRoD.

Oner5811d ago

@1.6 & 1.7 I have been saying the same exact thing for way over a year. It is only common sense to come to that conclusion. There is without a doubt a certain amount of TOTALLY broken/unrepairable 360's that consumers never had warrantied/fixed that ARE being counted in M$'s number's.

The really sad thing is people continued to purchase multiple 360 consoles afterward (which may somewhat counter the earlier point)....I would NEVER willingly waste my money like that. Hell I got my 360 for free from a friend after it got the RROD and after I fixed it 2 more times afterward (Xclamp -> Penny Mod -> Llama mod = 3x total) and with all the issues my other friends/family had along with all posters on the net would say about their problems what would be the point of spending my hard earned money on something of such poor quality?

Disagree all you want kids.....But the absolute fact is the 360 is a damaged piece of hardware with no real worth/value in respects to it's hardware and lack of forethought. It's really a shame though, as if MS would have gotten it right from the get go Sony & Nintendo would have had a hell of a lot more on their hands to deal with.

But back to my original point, we'll never really know how many actual "working" 360's are out there and MS will only use these false/skewed numbers to gloat about a half truth...but then again you wouldn't expect absolutely nothing less from them. Right?

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Angelitos5811d ago


The gap is geing closer Poor Xbots. PS3 just keeps and keeps outselling the fixme dvd player. People know the future is PS3.

Poor Xbots

theKiller5811d ago

VGcharts r missing one million ps3! so now its actually 15 million ps3 out there in people homes

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5811d ago

All that hard work the xbot Lemmings done on this trying to bring down the PS3 HASN'T WORKED!!! ;-D

Bubbles for ALL PS3 Fans;) Your the BEST 4Real;)

Fart In Your Mouth5811d ago

Everyone is concerned with this "console war" but what you are failing to realize is that Sony is already behind. The 360 stole a lot of it's market going out a year early. I know there are a lot of hardcore gamers out there that have both the 360 and the PS3 but Sony lost a lot of potential customers from early 360 adopters. The PS3 retailed at $600. You can now buy that model for $500 or a cheapo for $400. That is a huge cut to take on before your PS3 division is even profitable. The ps2 is the ps3's life support. Sony is lucky they could fall back on it but their current model is bleeding them. (in the gaming division of the company)

Pain5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

Sony isnt behind M$ Jumped the Gun with a Shoddy Cheap Inferior PC called a Console and Killed of the First, so Xbots had to "Mandatory Upgrade".....thats not leading...

PS3 on the other hand is just doing it thing..Its Not Like a Xbox or a Teen age Boy that blows its load and runs out of Gas early.....Its more a woman or a Cougar depending how u look at it..Gotta get it 'Warmed Up".and it luke warm right now getting steamy...

and u talk about price cuts...how many has M$ had....lost count..and lets not get in to the how many differnt kinds of CrapBox 2's u can buy...

And my $600 PS3 60 gig retail is F&%*%$G Unbelievably Excellent worth EVERY PENNY I WORKED FOR!..and NOT Bought like your Xbox buy MoMy

and Only Brain dead Xbots care about 'the console War' since Most if not all the Fud crap come out of Shane and Idiots on payroll @ M$.

juuken5811d ago

Poor Fartbaby. Denying the inevitable.

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Mr PS35811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

At Christmas

The Xbox had a 2 year start

Tell you what
If it was the PS3 that had a 2 year head start
There is no chance in Hell that heap of crap the Xbox would have overtook the PS3
Never mind in 2 years
well at least you got FFXIII to look forward to next year

Ninja_9tails5811d ago

The Xbox 360 only had a 1 year lead.

Ninja-Sama5811d ago

one year is a lot considering some consoles barely go past the 5 year stage.

PoSTedUP5811d ago

the head start was over 1 year in EU and thats where they passed them in sales. thats awesome.

bleachrulez5811d ago

that number will continue increase

Blackmoses5811d ago

oh hell...

Kinda funny that this number is shrinking. Kinda how it did when the Wii over took them...makes one wonder!
(sorry couldn't resist)