Major PS3 Firmware Updates for the next few years

Sony has big plans for the PlayStation 3. "Future proof" is a term executives have used repeatedly to describe the new console, claiming that it is powerful and advanced enough to outlast the typical five year lifespan of a game machine. To help extend the PS3's life, Sony is planning a series of major firmware updates over the next several years.

Designed to give the PS3 more media center capabilities, the updates will allow third parties to make applications and hardware "such as interactive controllers," according to Vice President of Technology for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Paul Holman.

Speaking to SmartHouse in Sydney, Australia, Holman said developers are discovering that the PS3 has "a heap more processing headroom than they initially anticipated and that this was resulting in the development of new gaming capabilities."

"The PS3 has an awful lot of processing power and we will harness this power with firmware upgrades and new features," Holman said.

According to Holman, the first of these firmware updates should come next March alongside the PS3 launch in Europe and Australia. He also speculated that in the future the PS3 may come bundled with a keyboard and mouse to allow for easier access to the internet and media center applications.

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96impala4335d ago

LOL, what the h*ll in this world is future proof? Everything is updated constantly thats technology for you. H*ll they'll eventually have a ps4 one day so all these buzz words, and catch phrases sony uses is comical. Boo Ray was so suppose to be the format of the future (according to sony)but, now even they are trying to implement movies via download, so then I ask you again, what in this world is future proof, Sonys sad gimmicks, smoke and mirrors, hype, and babble is wearing off. They don't have rumble in the controller, and can only play music in the menu's lol. wow, 600bucks for what now? No thanks it's xbox
360 for me.

D3acon4335d ago

future proofing describes the elusive process of trying to anticipate future developments, so that action can be taken to minimise possible negative consequences, and to seize opportunities. Something Microsoft tried to do my implementing hddvd with an add-on but no hdmi cables.

The term future proof merely means to have enough room for the platform to make necessary upgrades. Hence, more people are buying hdtvs with 1080p resolution and Sony realizing there would be demand sometime in the future(now)for games and movies to be able to output 1080p resolution, so it was implemented before the need was actually there.