Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 at E3

Gameplanet got a chance to play some pre-release code with development leads Jonny Ebbert and Mark Noseworthy at E3 2008.

THIS GAME HAS SOME mighty big shoes to fill. Developer Relic revolutionised the RTS genre with their innovations in the first Dawn of War and in Company of Heroes. After playing a pre-release version at E3, we can tell you Dawn of War II looks to be every bit as bloody good as its predecessor.

Dawn of War II takes everything great from the original - brutal melee combat, great unit animations, over the top abilities, destructible environments, fast-paced action, a grim and gritty feel, over the top abilities - and expands on them. Powered by an updated Essence Engine which also drove Company of Heroes, Dawn of War II now has a cover mechanic. In a fight, your troopers don't just stand out in the open, blasting it out with the enemy. They can take cover behind buildings and vegetation. They can even take cover inside the craters that Assault Marines make when you send them jumping into the middle of a pack of Orks. You can also send your men into a building to garrison it, giving your men heavy cover at the expense of mobility.

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